2022 Ford Explorer Adds More Trims, Sees Price Bump – Kelley Blue Book

For the 2022 model year, Ford has diversified its already-diverse selection of Explorer midsize SUVs. It has also increased prices of most trim levels, with the updates adding between $175 and $1,070 depending on trim level.

Even the delivery charge Ford adds to each vehicle is increasing.

Ford has built an Explorer for more than 30 years, and in the process, they’ve learned a lot about how to make a family-friendly, versatile SUV. The current Explorer is known for a compliant ride and a near-perfect balance of weekday commute comfort and weekend towing power.

But it came in a dizzying array of choices even last year. For 2022, Ford added a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) sporty ST version and a racier-looking ST-Line trim. That presents Explorer shoppers with 10 total trim levels to choose from.

2022 Explorer Pricing:

Ford also charges a $ 1,295 destination charge on all Explorers. That’s $50 higher than last year, but destination charges on most cars have been increasing recently due to a shortage of qualified truck drivers and the increasing cost of diesel fuel.

Trim Level 2022 Ford Explorer Increase from 2021
Base Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) $33,245 $320
Based 4-Wheel-Drive (4WD) $35,245 $320
XLT RWD $36,145 $1,070
XLT 4WD $38,145 $1,070
ST-Line RWD $44,745 N/A
ST-Line 4WD $46,745 N/A
Timberline $46,245 $230
Limited RWD $45,495 $240
Limited 4WD $47,495 $240
Limited Hybrid RWD $50,280 $175
Limited Hybrid 4WD $52,280 $175
ST RWD $47,245 N/A
ST 4WD $49,245 $245
King Ranch RWD $53,610 $1,010
King Ranch 4WD $55,610 $1,010
Platinum Hybrid RWD $52,115 N/A
Platinum Hybrid 4WD $54,115 $780
Platinum RWD $53,740 $1,010
Platinum 4WD $55,740 $1,010

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