At $19,995, Is This ’90 GMC Sierra A Custom-Bodied Collectable?

Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice GMC pickup features a dealer-installed body kit from a company that goes by the name of Rage. Let’s see if this over-the-top truck has a price tag that might make it an outrageous deal.

Apple introduced a new product last week, a little button-like device called AirTag that lets you track down lost items by using the company’s Find My app. Just imagine you had one of these little tracker tags attached to your most valuable and easily misplaced assets. What would be the most appropriate vehicle one might use to track those eventually lost items down?

Well, the obvious answer is something like last Friday’s Geo Tracker. I mean, it should go without saying, right? At just $4,300, that little Tracker wouldn’t break the bank on the quest either. That was acknowledged both in the comments and by the Geo’s 63 percent Nice Price win in the votes.

Admittedly, last Friday’s Tracker was a pretty small truck. Its styling was also fairly mundane. The generally accepted term for that class of car is, in fact, “cute-ute.” What, however, if you wanted something in a truck that was bigger and…well, less cute? If that is actually the case, then perhaps something like this 1990 GMC Sierra Club Coupe dually might be your cup of spiked Red Bull.

This truck does have the goods. First, there’s the engine. Under the hood sits a brawny 454-cube big block. The L19 V8 was factory-rated at 230 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. That’s some serious towing torque.

The engine looks almost as-new and benefits from a slew of age-related replacements and updated consumables. Behind the 454 sits a Turbo 400 three-speed automatic, which sends work orders to the four-wheel axle in the back. That double-your-pleasure tire setup holds up the back end of the Club Cab short-bed body. A mere 60,103 miles show up on the truck’s odometer. Six new tires were mounted just 3,ooo miles ago.

That’s all a good foundation, but the big story here — the elephant in the garage, as it were — is the Tridan body kit the truck so noticeably wears. This was a dealer-installed option that came with an original price tag of over $12,000. We know that because the seller is including the Sierra’s original sales sticker and options sheet. The Tridan was created by an automotive specialty manufacturer out of Omaha, Nebraska, called Rage Exotic Vehicles. Its motto: It’s OutRAGEous!

Rage has built some notable specials over the years, including the Firebird-based Tojan and the Rage Corvette C650. Nothing about the company’s products is particularly subtle, and that is especially true for the Tridon body kit. It features deep fake scoops in the dually-shading rear fenders and a stepped nose cone that blends seamlessly into equally wide front flares. A rail cap on the bed also extends into a pair of sail panels behind the cab.

There doesn’t seem to be any sort of Tridon registry online, nor does Rage offer any production numbers. That makes it tough to say just how rare a truck this may be. All I know is that I’ve never seen one on the street and I do get out every now and again.

All of the add-on bits are made of fiberglass and are topped with gold decal stripes and swoops which apparently cost an additional $1,200 on top of the kit. It all gives off a greater ’80s vibe than day-trading or doing cocaine off a stripper’s ass. Well, maybe my ’80s were a little different from yours.

Sadly, much of the clear coat on the truck has given up and moved on to bigger and better things. Some of the actual paint below has done likewise. The wear seems to sun-related with the brunt of the damage manifesting on the passenger side. That’s perhaps an indication of how the truck has been parked over the years.

Surprisingly, the interior looks to be in terrific shape. There’s little to no wear noticeable in here. The beige mouse-fur upholstery still seems to hold its original hue, and the carpet appears to have never seen the underside of a shoe. Custom wood trim adorns the dash and matches the material of the aftermarket steering wheel. A split front bench features seat belts for three, although the add-on console might make the center position a bit uncomfortable. There is a rear bench here too, but with only two doors, getting back there may be a bit of a limbo-fest if you’re particularly gangly.

The truck is being sold with a clear title and a recent clean bill of health from the smog test doctor. With those plusses, the truck is being offered at a price of $19,995.

What’s your take on this wild Sierra and that $19,995 price? Does that seem like a fair deal for a truck so unique and ostentatious? Or, is that price the only thing that’s outrageous about this GMC?

You decide!

Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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