Attempting To Load An Enormous Urn On A Tiny Trike Truck Ends Like You Expect But You Still Wanna Watch

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Little three-wheeled truck-like vehicles form a big part of China’s workhorse fleet, and they do all sorts of jobs all over the country. That doesn’t mean that every little truck is ideally suited to every job, as these two hapless pottery-loading fellas seem to have learned. From the start of this video, I think most of us can predict the outcome, but I admire the optimism, determination, and steadfast resolve of these guys to not use a real ramp or find a truck with sides.

This was posted on Reddit’s What Could Go Wrong subreddit, and it came to my attention via Mark Frauenfelder’s Boing Boing post. Here, watch. It’s strangely engaging:

I wonder if there’s a word for the sensation where you feel tension even when you’re pretty much certain of the outcome of a situation? I feel like from the moment anyone sees that massive urn and that little flatbed trike we all know that this will end with that urn doing an impression of Pangea becoming the continents, right?

I’m so very confused about the overall plan from these guys. Why weren’t they attempting to secure it to that flatbed with something, anything before they let go of it? When they finally humped it onto the bed of that thing, why didn’t the guy on the side stay holding it in place?

Maybe he didn’t want to get crushed by a giant urn? I guess I can see that.

Still, was there no little truck with any sort of sides around? Was there no sheet of plywood around to act as a ramp? Was no one else around to help?

I mean, there was whoever was filming this, but I suspect that person was the only one out of the three who understood how this little enterprise was going to go down.

Anyway, that urn should be pretty easy to load now.

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