Bugatti Centodieci Passes Seriously Extreme Hot Weather Testing

Welcome to Arizona, Bugatti engineers!

A team of engineers from Wolfsburg, Germany is spending three weeks in the USA, putting a convoy of Bugatti hypercars through extreme weather testing. Their latest stop was in Arizona, land of the dry heat, where they would put the convoy through hot weather testing. Leading the convoy through the testing is a prototype of the Centodieci hypercar and it’s been easily passing the grueling tests. For the hot weather testing, the engineers really ensured that the hypercar was up to the task. The convoy was taken to Mount Lemon in Tuscon, Arizona where the road reaches an altitude of about 9,186 feet. Temperatures reached during the tests were around 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and I don’t have to tell you how uncomfortable that heat can be. But, these temperatures weren’t enough. Other tests included letting the cars sit in the sun with the air conditioning cranked all the way up and also driving them at speed of up to 198 mph (on a closed course). As expected, the Centodieci passed all of the tests and now it’s off for high-speed drives and endurance tests that will see it traveling up to 186,000 miles in Europe. When these tests are passed, the Bugatti Centodieci will be signed off by the development team and production will begin.

Source: Bugatti

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