Check Out The All-New Superwolf Electric Truck By Alpha Motor Inc.

The Superwolf by Alpha Motor Inc. is going where no EV has gone before.

While the design and technology of electric vehicles continue to improve, the automotive industry is realizing the capability of a fuel-less platform. The idea of urban commuting being the only option is long gone, and the electric vehicle professionals at Alpha Motor Inc. in Irvine, California are here to prove that with its new electric truck. The all-new Super Wolf Electric Truck is going nowhere any electric vehicle has gone before, the wilderness. The adventure-seeking Superwolf blends the efficiency and performance aspects of an EV with the functionality of a full-size truck looking to tackle whatever is in its way. The drivetrain is not the only futuristic portion of the Superwolf Electric Truck, as the exterior and interior feature a modern design that looks incredible from every angle. As most 4×4 vehicles are equipped with accessories to make off-roading more fun, the Alpha Motors Co. Superwolf includes premium RIGID Industries lighting and storage options by HEIMPLANET. If more storage is needed, the Superwolf also has a full-size truck bed with a retractable cover. With a 275 to 300+ mile range and 6,724-pound towing capacity, electric vehicles are heading for the trails, and it starts with the Superwolf Electric Truck by Alpha Motor Inc. Check out the full walk-around video of the Super Wolf Electric Truck by clicking the link above.


Media/Information Source: Alpha Motor Inc.

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