Drag Race: Can The Mustang GT Convertible Take On The GT Supra? @ Top Speed

The Mustang GT is more car than the Supra, as in it’s bigger in every measurable way. In fact, the GR Supra is quite compact in comparison. The Mustang measures 188.5 inches (4,788 mm) in length, while the GR Supra measures 172.44 inches (4,380 mm). The Mustang is also 75.39 inches (1,915 mm) wide and 54.29 inches (1,379 mm) tall, while the GR Supra is 73.03 inches (1,855 mm) wide and 50.98 inches (1,295 mm) tall.

Ford Mustang GT Toyota GR Supra
Length 188.5 inches 172.44 inches
Width 75.39 inches 73.03 inches
Height 54.29 inches 50.98 inches
Drag Race: Can The Mustang GT Convertible Take On The GR Supra?
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That said, the ZF 8-speed is something else

It’s as quick as it can be for a non-DCT unit, thus allowing the Supra to win almost every time

Performance-wise, the Ford Mustang GT outguns the GR Supra. Its 5.0-liter normally-aspirated, Coyote V-8 pumps out 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet (569 Nm) – significantly more than the GR Supra.

However, the Mustang is also much heavier, especially in convertible form and with the 10-speed automatic, which is what we have here. The Pony car tips the scales at 4,550 pounds (2,064 kg), which is a lot. Meanwhile, the GR Supra has a curb weight of 3,400 pounds (1,542 kg) – a good amount less.

Drag Race: Can The Mustang GT Convertible Take On The GR Supra?
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GR Supra wins 4 out of 5 races

On one of the rolling races, the Mustang barely manages to score a win against the much lighter Supra

The cars line up for a series of drag races and, immediately, the GR Supra’s better power-to-weight ratio becomes obvious, as it smokes the Mustang in both normal and sport mode with the traction control off. At the latter part of the race, the Mustang’s power and torque advantage begins to count for something, but it’s already too late.

A 50 km/h (31 mph) rolling start does help the Mustang keep up with the Supra and even manages to beat the GR Supra, although barely. In the second rolling race, however, the GR Supra kicks down with savagery, impossible for the Mustang to match, and takes a convincing win. Despite the 5.0-liter V-8 with almost 80 horsepower and 52 pound-feet (70 Nm) more, the Mustang is just too heavy and that soft convertible top just isn’t as slippery as the hardtop.

Drag Race: Can The Mustang GT Convertible Take On The GR Supra?
- image 1017931

That said, this was a 1/4-mile drag race

And, here, how well you put the power down is more important than how much you have

That said, either of these cars would make our day, although I would personally go with a hardtop body style for the Mustang GT. “Feeling the wind in the hair” is for those who actually have hair and I don’t. Regardless, feel free to watch the video below, to see how both cars stack up against each other.

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