Eddie Hall breaks silence on Thor Bjornsson confrontation to admit it was set up

Hall and Bjornsson will finally clash this weekend as they bid to settle a rivalry which stretches back to their strongmen careers

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Thor Bjornsson Talks Eddie Hall Fight

Eddie Hall has admitted he was asked to confront Thor Bjornsson in order to “stir s*** up”.

Hall and Bjornsson are due to walk to the ring in Dubai on Saturday night but almost came to blows five days early.

The Icelander was finishing his training session on Monday when Hall arrived at the gym with his entourage.

The pair came nose-to-nose and exchanged insults before Hall spat at his rival before Bjornsson retaliated in kind.

The Englishman was then dragged out and has now admitted to being asked to pay his adversary a visit.

“I was asked to go in and stir some s*** up and I did,” he said during the rivals’ face-off. “Thor told the promoter that if I touched him he was going to rip my face off.

‘You wouldn’t come outside, you were chicken s***; I’d have ripped your head off.

“From where I’m from if someone wrongs you, you sort it on the street. Unfortunately you weren’t; prepared to do that the other night. because you’re a p****. You on the deck is all the satisfaction you need.”

Offering to fight there and then, Hall added: “I don’t give a f*** about the money, the money can go in the bin, I want to smash your head in.”

Bjornsson and Hall were due to clash last September before Hall tore his biceps, forcing the fight to be postponed by six months.

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Hall complained last week of suffering from chest infection – and Bjornsson expects his rival to make excuses should he lose this weekend.

“You’re making so many excuses,” he said. “Just to be prepared to say, ‘Oh I lost but I had a chest infection or I felt sick’, like you always f****** do. You keep making up excuses.”

Bjornsson addressed his role in the confrontation earlier, and added: “I was going through a training session and I was informed five mins before he arrived that he was coming. The rest you’ve seen on video.”

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