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Emelia And Her C8 Corvette

Hartford and her C8 Corvettes have encountered many adventures together. Her car was not allowed to participate in the LS Fest and was booted after one run since it was a sub-10-second car. NHRA Safety and Speed regulations don’t allow sub-10-second cars to run the strip without fuel cell, roll cage, etc. In June this year, the car, called the ‘Phoenix’, went to the Famoso Raceway and broke its own quarter-mile record yet again. This time, it took 9.36 seconds at 147 mph, making it the world’s quickest quarter-mile C8 Corvette. Fast forward to the present day, Emelia and her team are attempting at making the Phoenix the most powerful C8 Corvette in the world.

The Process To 1,400 Horses!

Emelia Hartford's Orange Beast Is The Most Powerful C8 Corvette In The World!
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To prep the car before it hits the dyno, Emelia and her team replaced the clutch with a new set, new tuning abilities, updated the controllers, etc. They topped up the C16 fuel and methanol. They encountered hurdles during the testing and replaced the spark plugs and the injectors since the methanol was corrosive and killed two injectors.

In one of the early dyno runs, the car peaked at 622 horses at 4,421 rpm and 743 pound-feet of twist at 4,372 rpm. Despite 15 pounds of boost, the horsepower was still on the lower side in relation. It looked to be either a slippage of the clutch or the tires. But, after a clean pull, the results showed it made 1,014 horses and 900 pound-feet of torque. The record, however, was 1,075 horses. So, they added another two pounds and tested it again, and this time, made 1,090 horses and 960 pound-feet of twist, both peaking at around 6,000 rpm.

Emelia Hartford's Orange Beast Is The Most Powerful C8 Corvette In The World!
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They kept fine-tuning and testing every time and the results kept getting better as the next attempt was 1,167 ponies and 1,025 pound-feet of twist. They didn’t stop there and added 22 pounds of boost in total that helped churn out 1,201 horses on the dyno and approximately 1,400 on the crank. So, that’s mighty impressive.

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