Even for Doug DeMuro, the Citroen CX Is “Amazingly Quirky and Weird” | MotorBiscuit

Lancia may have been an extremely innovative automaker, but it wasn’t the only one. French automaker Citroen is responsible for just as many influential introductions. The Traction Avant, for instance, brought then-high-tech features like fully independent suspension and unibody design to the mainstream. But Citroen is arguably known just as much for its cars’ quirky designs as their technology. And as Doug DeMuro recently demonstrated, it’s hard to find a quirkier car than a Citroen CX.

The Citroen CX sometimes gets lost in the DS’s shadow

1960 Citroen DS 19 | Citroen

Introduced in 1974, the Citroen CX had a rather unenviable task, Hemmings reports. Namely, replacing the beloved and advanced DS, which is still considered an automotive icon. And the situation wasn’t helped by the French automaker’s money woes at the time, Hagerty reports.

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