Fiat says all Abarth models to be electric from 2024

Fiat didn’t have the big, bold product announcements in Stellantis EV Day that Ram, Dodge and Jeep did, but the Italian company still gave us a little something to chew on. 

For starters, Fiat says all future Abarth products will be electric from 2024 and onward. There are currently no Fiat Abarth products sold in the U.S., but the news could still be relevant to us as it concerns future Abarths. News that future Abarths will be electric by a certain time is essentially confirmation that such a vehicle or vehicles are on the way, so expect an electric Abarth sometime around 2024.

Consider the 500 Abarth and 124 Abarth to be the last two gasoline-powered Abarth-branded vehicles to be sold in the U.S. Seeing the closeness of the 2024 cutoff, they’ll also likely be the last gasoline Abarth models sold globally, too.

The EV promise extends further than just Abarth models, though. Fiat previously said it would become an EV-only brand by 2030, but the transition was laid out with greater specificity today. By 2024, every model line in Fiat’s lineup will have a full-BEV option. Fiat doesn’t have a massive lineup, but it means the company will need to electrify models beyond the new 500 that is already electric.

Lastly, Fiat promises that all of its commercial vehicles will offer an electric option starting in 2022, and the company is counting fuel cell vehicles as part of this lineup.

The commitment to go all-EV by 2030 still stands, though Fiat now says it could get there any time between 2025-2030. Fiat says the switchover will be made whenever it can sell EVs for the same price as their combustion engine equivalents, as it wants to keep costs in a place where your typical Fiat owner can still buy its vehicles.

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