Godzilla Takes On The Mighty Busa In A 2900 Hp Face-off @ Top Speed

One of those tuners is Cicio performance based out of Georgia. In this track battle between Japanese heavyweights, Cicio pits a tuned R35 GTR against a turbocharged
, a motorcycle that has always been a benchmark for speed.

Charles from the TRC YouTube channel put out a video of the mighty GTR take on the Busa. Fans are always enthralled by races between cars and bikes to see which is the fastest. Here’s yet another one.

Now, let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Godzilla Takes on the Mighty Busa in a 2,900-Horsepower Face-Off
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The Hayabusa has a 1340 cc four-cylinder, that now with a hefty turbocharger, which enhances its power output to a remarkable 500 hp.

If that sounds like a lot, wait till you hear exactly what the guys at Cicio did to the R35. They replaced the original 3.8-liter V-6 with a 4.3 liter V-6 that features an ETS Billet aluminum block and CNC heads and a pair of 7675 turbos (this one with the 2100 kit, there’s also a 2300 available) along with an air to air intercooler and a wet sump. The result of all these performance upgrades? Wait for it.

The power has quadrupled from a modest 600 hp to an insane 2400 hp. The motor is paired with Jack’s 6 dual-clutch gearbox.

Godzilla Takes on the Mighty Busa in a 2,900-Horsepower Face-Off
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With that much power under the hood, you’d think you could line up against pretty much anything.

Cicio wanted everyday usability with this R35. They hence haven’t gone crazy with exterior mods. The interior is also almost stock, with the exception of a roll-cage.

The rear bead is composed of Mickey Thompson ET Street R rubber with hefty sidewalls and can no longer facilitate the stock brakes that came with the car. The Nissan, therefore, got a set of full-size rear brakes to bring Godzilla to a halt.

Enough talking specs. Let’s get down to business.

Godzilla Takes on the Mighty Busa in a 2,900-Horsepower Face-Off
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The showdown took place at the Kansas Airstrip Attack. Put together by Shift Sector.

This R35 can momentarily send all its power to the back wheels. In the pre-race warmup, the R35 was let loose on the runway. The launch is nothing short of brutal. When accelerating hard, it pulls nearly 3G

. The car managed to hit 229 mph and peaks out at 8000 revs. That is ballistic performance from the Nissan.

The Busa meanwhile, also got to warm up its rear tire. Warm-up done, it was now time and both vehicles got a rolling start. The GTR briefly stayed ahead, but in the end, the Suzuki managed to pull a significant lead and eventually won the duel.

Godzilla Takes on the Mighty Busa in a 2,900-Horsepower Face-Off
- image 998225

This was probably down to the lack of traction on the GTR because on hard acceleration, you can actually hear it squirming and struggling to put all its power down. The driver also found it tricky to keep the GTR in line with the traction control going berserk.

Overall, an impressive performance by the Nissan but it was just a fun day out. Maybe Godzilla can live to fight another day. Watch how the entire race unfolded below.

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