Hellcat heist: 4 hot Mopars stolen from Orlando airport

According to News 6 in Orlando, Fla., the Orlando International Airport was the site of a small Hellcat heist. The local news agency learned that four Hellcat-powered cars – two Chargers, a Challenger and a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – were stolen from the airport’s two closest parking garages. Three of the cars were apparently taken on the same day, according to footage the garage recorded of the vehicles leaving.

Unfortunately for the owners, the parking garage only had footage of the vehicles leaving, and nothing that would have shown the cars actually being stolen. According to News 6, only the broken glass where the cars had been parked was evidence of the thefts. One of the victims talked with the newscast and revealed that his Challenger was a manual transmission model, which occasionally prevents thefts due to thieves not knowing how to drive stick, but not in this case.

It seems pretty clear the thieves were targeting the high-performance Mopars. After all, if you’re just trying to steal plain Chargers, Challengers and Grand Cherokees, you’ll be spoiled for choice in just about any parking lot, and not just an airport one. Plus they’re valuable as whole cars, or parted out. None of these models are among the top 10 most stolen cars in the nation, at least as of last year, but they’re still popular models depending on the state. Florida isn’t one of them, but in 3 states the Charger is one of the top 10, and in 34 states, the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are in the top 10.

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