Here’s What’s Really Going on With Ford Bronco Dealer Markups

Despite this extremely high demand and craziness from buyers and dealers alike—early owners are also selling marked-up Broncos in droves—it’s not all bad for people who are just now getting their new truck. After poking around owner forums and talking with Hendra, whose dealer woes made news late last week, it’s clear that people are driving home the Broncos they ordered for the manufacturer’s suggested price. 

In Hendra’s case, it was more complicated. He needed a new car with his old one nearing the 150,000-mile mark, and he had been waiting for his truck for a long time. After requesting a purchase order on his Bronco that was finally coming in, things began to fall apart. “MSRP was basically $59,000, he’s like, ‘I’ll sell it to you for $64,000,'” Hendra told us. “It was just unbelievable to me.”

Hendra was obviously upset by this, but he attempted to keep his cool and went back to the dealership until it was resolved. The situation was sorted out when Hendra spoke with a higher-up at the store, who explained why they tried to mark up the truck. He gave the same reasons we touched on earlier—they have very little new inventory, some new Bronco buyers are flipping their cars anyway, and they need money to survive.

“I understand what you’re saying,” Hendra wrote to the dealer. “There’s not a dealer in Jersey that’s not selling a [Kia] Telluride for two or three thousand dollars over cost, but I ordered this car well over a year ago. I understand you’re in a predicament, but this is an agreed-upon price for a special-ordered vehicle.”

After this discussion, where Hendra insisted he wasn’t going to flip a truck he desperately needed, the dealer caved and sold him his vehicle at the recommended price. Most people don’t have this kind of trouble, though. It’s difficult to find order holders (and especially reservation holders) who didn’t pay MSRP. Hendra’s case may have only been resolved after some heated back and forth, but comments on posts about pricing are filled with dealers who say they are honoring the MSRP on orders. Plus, there are plenty of buyers confirming that they paid sticker price and nothing more.

“We are honoring MSRP for orders at Holmes Tuttle Ford in Tuscon,” said Aaron Gillespie, an internet sales consultant at the Arizona dealership, in a Facebook comment. Then, Johnson Ford of Atmore, Alabama wrote online, “We are only selling MSRP to our reservation holders.” The list of similar remarks goes on, with the pictured responses below coming solely from the comments on a single post. Look through Bronco6x or BRONCO 6th Gen and you’ll find much of the same. 

“Big shout out to Courtesy Ford in Breaux Bridge, La. for a smooth process on getting my long-awaited Bronco Badlands AND not charging more than MSRP,” one post by a new owner says. “Well I picked up my new Badlands and I love it! Couldn’t have been happier with the service at Gerald Jones Ford in Augusta, Ga. Paid MSRP,” says another.

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