Hot Wheels debuts $500 RC Batmobile from ‘The Batman’

Hot Wheels has released a $500 radio controlled car based on the new Batmobile. The car is a highly detailed replica of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego’s latest ride, which will debut in the 2022 movie titled simple The Batman. If you suspect that the car might not exactly be for kids but for adult collectors, that is doubly confirmed by Mattel’s own website, which described the car as “what happens when our design team goes bat$#!+ insane on a project.”

The Batmobile is modeled in 1:10 scale and follows the re-imagined look of the The Batman Batmobile. The franchise reboot follows Bruce Wayne’s early years as the caped crusader, which could explain why his ride doesn’t look like a DARPA experiment or a wheeled rocket. Instead, it dons a muscle car-like profile that resembles either a Fury Road-style desert rig or what Bruce Wayne would concoct if he joined his fellow billionaires at Burning Man. Either way, it looks more garage-built than previous ‘mobiles.

Like the movie car, the RC version wears a lot of battle scars. That’s probably due to the fact that, as we see in the trailer, Robert Pattinson’s Batman does not even attempt to swerve around obstacles, opting instead to ram right through them. Oh, and the Penguin attempts to set it on fire (and fails).

The Batmobile’s longitundinal mid-engined twin-turbo V8 is replicated in glorious detail, with coils of exhaust piping and a rocket booster in the middle. The interior is similarly intricate with a roll cage, minimalist seating and gauges that actually illuminate. There’s even a bit of movie magic where a water misting system lets the car emerge from the fog to instill terror into bad guys. As for the RC car itself, it’s capable of a 13-15 mph top speed before its batteries need a recharge. The total runtime is about 20-25 minutes.

Amazingly, the car also comes with a 6-inch Batman figure that moves as you control the car, turning the steering wheel and operating the T-handle gear selector. The car also comes with is own Batcave parking stand that comes with its own light-and-sound show, illuminated screens, and Bat-signal spotlight.

Hot Wheels and parent company Mattel have been on a tear in recent weeks, debuting a cavalcade of high priced collectibles geared towards grown-ups. Recent releases have included a 3,200-piece Tesla Cybertruck for $250, a Mercedes 300SL and wristwatch combo for $12,900, and a tiny metal 1982 Cadillac Seville made in partnership with fashion label Gucci for what, in retrospect, seems like a bargain basement $120. You can order the Hot Wheels RC Batmobile at the Mattel Creations website now.

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