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Once upon a time, it seemed like Hydrogen would be the next big thing; the future. However, we now know the future is electric and EVs will soon be exercising their plan for world domination.

Hyundai is making something of a last stand for the universe’s most abundant element.

The “Hydrogen Wave”

Could Hyundai bring Hydrogen back in style?
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In Seoul on August 26, 2021, Hyundai announced they are hosting a forum called “Hydrogen Wave.” The whole idea is to represent and announce the company’s plans, not just in terms of hydrogen cars, but regarding hydrogen technology as a whole.

The forum and its accompanying website launch on September 7th, 2021. In the meantime, there is a small, single-page website that consists of a countdown timer until the official release and video clips of what appears to be a hydrogen-powered car narrowly running over a snail. Seriously, check it out here.

There are also some teaser videos on the Hyundai Motor Group’s Youtube channel.

Hyundai’s hydrogen in the real world

Could Hyundai bring Hydrogen back in style?
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Fortunately, Hyundai is not limiting this release to the digital world as they are hosting a kind of miniature world’s fair in Goyang, South Korea, September 8-11.

The entire release and everything that goes with it, including the future technology and possible cars that may result from all this, are being referred to as a whole as “Hydrogen Wave.”

Hyundai said,

“Hydrogen Wave will demonstrate the future vision for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society…The Group will present its vision of a future hydrogen society by unveiling its exciting plans and business strategies for new hydrogen mobility technology, next-generation fuel cell systems, and applications to diverse industries beyond automotive.”

All this makes us wonder; what exactly is Hyundai planning to do?

Hyundai’s master plan

Could Hyundai bring Hydrogen back in style?
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We know the details of the release, and how the whole “Hydrogen Wave” thing will shake out right off the bat. But what about further down the road?

One possibility is Hyundai drops a new car, something one of the teaser images and video clips seems to be hinting at. This could revolutionize the auto industry and convert everyone to hydrogen power, or Hyundai could strike out and lose millions of dollars to this project.

Another is that they begin production of hydrogen drivetrains and sell those to various manufactures, assuming anyone wants them, of course. Similar to the way Mercedes sells its Twin-Turbo V8 to Aston Martin, among others.

A third is that Hyundai moves away from the auto industry and begins to enter the industrial/infrastructure industries. This would back up that bit about “industries beyond automotive” and “future hydrogen society” and whatnot.

Only time and the actual release on September 7th will tell.


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