Is Buying a Used Diesel Truck Worth It? | MotorBiscuit

There are plenty of reasons to buy a used diesel truck. They not only offer a serious amount of towing power but also have the potential to last for a seriously long time. But does that make buying a used diesel truck worth it? Let’s find out.

2011 Ford F250 Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel pickup truck. | Mark Elias/Bloomberg

Why you should consider buying a diesel truck

Diesel pickups are known for a few things. For many pickup shoppers, though, the biggest benefit to buying a diesel truck comes down to towing power. Diesel engines tend to offer more torque, reports HowStuffWorks, making it easier for them to pull heavier loads. In fact, some heavy-duty diesel pickups boast maximum towing capacities that are upwards of 30,000-pounds. 

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