It All Starts With an Idea – The BLAKEN Customization

Presented by Blaken – Around the world, Blaken is the number one service enterprise for customizing and personalizing luxury watches. An experienced team of specialists takes original luxury models from high-quality brands and, at their design studio in Menden, gives the timepieces a unique new look using their visual transformation process, transforming every aspect according to their client’s individual desires.

The transformation process is purely limited to visually redesigning and converting the original parts from the original brands. Blaken personalization is 100% in line with the “Made in Germany” mark, based on patented high-tech processes, and respects the original product throughout the process. Depending on the work required, the transformation can take up to twelve weeks, during which a team of master watchmakers, engineers, and materials experts turn a luxury watch into a personalized luxury watch.

Harder than high-grade steel – the DLC coating

The DLC coating process is what gives your Blaken that characteristic elegant slate-to-black look. DLC stands for “diamond-like carbon”. It takes more than 16 days for a Blaken to complete all of the steps in the personalization process, overseen and checked by our team of specialized engineers and materials experts. The result is a perfect jewel-like surface with a sheen and toughness virtually unsurpassable with the current state of science and technology.

Our process is patented, making Blaken the only provider in the world to employ this technology. The protective, non-allergenic, diamond-like carbon layers are a mere 5 to 7 micrometers thin – to put this into context: an average sheet of standard writing paper is 80 micrometers thick. In addition, these coats are up to eight times harder than high-grade steel, making them extremely scratch-resistant. Originally these coatings were developed as wear protection for motor racing, aerospace and medical technology, as their low friction made them ideal for technical applications on steel and other cemented carbides. They represent a fusion of new design and durability standards, creating the perfect protective layers for luxury timepieces, whether worn by divers, skippers, mountaineers or CEOs.

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