JetPack Aviation Releases A $380,000 Flying Motorcycle

Take to the sky on a motorcycle with help from the team at JetPack Aviation.

The thought of humans traveling through the sky by jetpack is a dream that many were introduced to through Hollywood and the movie magic of cinema, but a California-based turbine company is here to make it a reality. The turbine-powered micro VTOLs professionals at JetPack Aviation are proud to announce a new fleet of flying motorcycles with a focus on both recreation and safety. The all-new JetPack Aviation Speeder is constructed for personal transport with the ability of vertical take-off and landing. The sleek new design of the Speeder will be lighter than a traditional 125cc motorcycle, with a fully stabilized chassis for minimal pilot training needed. The new Speeder series features a Recreational model that can achieve 150mph and reach over 15,000ft with a maximum thrust of 705-pounds. Alongside the fun of owning a personal JetPack motorcycle, JetPack Aviation is also focusing efforts towards using its platform for military use. The Military Speeder and Cargo Speeder offer a faster and more efficient way to transport paramedics to emergency situations. The new Speeder Series from JetPack Aviation embodies forward-thinking for personal transportation while using the sky as new highways. The all-new Recreational JetPack Aviation Speeder model is currently available for pre-order for $380,000.

JetPack Aviation
Cargo Speeder
JetPack Aviation

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