Mazda3 Hatchback Has ‘Rare’ Features for a Compact Car, MotorTrend Finds | MotorBiscuit

The Mazda3 is no new kid on the block. It’s been in production in the States since 2004, and it’s still going strong. Over the years, Mazda has made over a million of these compact cars and has worked hard to improve the model with each generation. MotorTrend tested a 2020 Mazda3 hatchback for a full year, and it performed well during that time. The reviewers also found a couple of high-end features that are unusual for this segment.

The 2020 Mazda3’s bells and whistles

MotorTrend’s tester Mazda3 had a polymetal gray metallic paint job. Though that feature might not impress everyone, the publication’s editorial team thought it lent a lot of style to the hatchback’s exterior. Enough to draw attention away from some big guns known for luxurious design, like the Mercedes-Benz CLA. 

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