Meet the Aston Martin DB5 Junior: The Perfect Little Spy Car

For all of the aspiring agents out there.

Aston Martin, The Little Car Company, and EON have announced the new Aston Martin DB5 Junior, a wonderful recreation of the classic spy car. While it may be a two-thirds-scale version of the original, it’s still very true to the original. To create it, the original Aston Martin DB5 was 3D-scanned so that the team could ensure this little version would be a perfect interpretation. While it may be smaller, it still packs gadgets like simulated Gatling guns, a cycling digital number plate, and even a smoke screen. Each of these gadgets can be controlled via the hidden gadget panel. Powering the little DB5 is an electric powertrain that has a range of up to 80 miles, which is good enough for a tiny escape. The range of the battery can be checked on the battery meter that replaces the fuel gauge on the dashboard. Speaking of the interior, it looks stunning, featuring Smiths instruments and comfortable seats for two.

The pricing for the No Time To Die editions of the DB5 Junior is set at £90,000 (~$123,000 USD) and just 125 examples will be created. You can learn more via

Source: The Little Car Company

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