Mum confronts football ticket scammer who conned son because ‘he is poor’

Kate Beale’s son and his friend had hoped to be at tonight’s match but were scammed out of £80 – and the culprit told their mum it was because he ‘is poor’

Kate Beale confronted the Twitter user who stole money from her son and his friend online

A furious mum who confronted a Twitter user who conned her football-loving son out of £80 was shocked when he admitted he did it – because he is ‘poor’.

Kate Beale’s son and his friend had been desperately trying to hunt down tickets to tonight’s Carabao Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Arsenal.

A Twitter user said he had a pair of tickets available and the eager pair sent him £80 – but instead of getting the chance to watch their Anfield heroes, they were blocked and left out of pocket, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Fuming, Kate messaged him herself and was shocked when he admitted to stealing their money.

She said: “[I] went on Twitter and he was still there advertising these two tickets so I messaged him asking if they were still available and he said they were.

“I said I would give him minus £80 for them and he asked why so I told him because he is a scammer.

The tickets disappeared out of their Apple wallet


Kate Beale)

“I couldn’t believe it when he replied admitting it and said he needed the money.”

The Twitter profile responded to Kate’s message, saying: “I wish I can return money back. Or send ticket. But if I do that… you will report me I know.”

“Maaam… I am poor. I feed myself. No family. I am sorry. Please. I am sad now as well. I don’t wish to continue.”

Moments after promising to return the money the user blocked Kate too.

The messages exchanged between mum Kate and the Twitter user who took her son’s money


Kate Beale)

The 37-year-old, said: “We didn’t report this to the police as I am not sure what they can do now. And we are in contact with the bank to get the money back.

“But I wanted to warn others about this type of scam. I think it has been a real eye-opener for my son and his friend, they are still young, and still devastated they thought they were going the match. The people who do these scams are disgusting.

“I believe the person has changed their Twitter handle now and is still trying to sell tickets to Liverpool matches. So I want others to be careful in the future.”

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