Next-Gen Ford Mustang S650: Here’s Your First Look

Out back, you can clearly see two vertical elements on the taillights, hinting we’ll once again see the return of sequential indicators. It’s probably a good idea to expect more of the same throughout; Ford isn’t about to deviate from the cues that have become expected of every Mustang. Instead, it’ll gradually modernize them and turn this into a car that our grandparents would’ve found futuristic and our grandkids, recognizable alongside its predecessors.

Previous reports say it’ll feature available all-wheel drive with hybrid V8 power, potentially featuring an electrically driven front axle. That seems the most likely setup if such a Mustang does come to life, especially as Ford looks to strengthen ties between the internal-combustion car and the Mach-E. The more they’re alike, the less reason anyone has to say the latter’s not a true Mustang.

When The Drive‘s editor-in-chief Kyle Cheromcha asked Ford CEO Jim Farley what he wanted of the next-gen Mustang, he replied, “For my kid to have it on his wall. Or on his phone.” That means bold styling, of course, but it also means mega performance that’ll need to beat its aging domestic counterparts. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the GT best 500 horsepower, and as we’ve already seen from the muscle-bound Shelby derivatives, there’s gotta be potential for way more.

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