Personalized Perfection in Paradise: Explore Lamborghini’s Exclusive Ad Personam Program in Palm Beach

Schedule a private configuration session in Lamborghini Palm Beach’s state-of-the-art customization room.  You will unlock special access to see and touch an extensive range of colors (over 350), leathers, stitches, wheels, and all of the special options to create your unique Lamborghini.  Ad Personam now offers 4 very unique color families: SPORTIVA (inspired by the tradition of colors), CONTEMPORANEA (modern panorama of exclusivity), ECLETTICA (means freshness, and innovation), and CLASSICA (pays tribute to the origins of Italian excellence).  Exclusive exterior liveries and interior contents are available, but, almost ever section of the car can be changed even down to matching the start engine flap to a special paint color.  Their highly knowledgeable Master-Certified Professionals will guide you through the process and provide special access to almost limitless possibilities of customization.  Lamborghini Palm Beach has created some of the most Dynamic, Elegant, and most importantly, Different builds imaginable.  Owning a Lamborghini is special in itself, owning a custom Ad Personam Lamborghini which is uniquely yours is another level.  Some of their extensive creations can be viewed below.  Please contact the team at (561)370-7953 for your appointment.

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