Rivian CEO Says the Rivian Sports Car Is “Shelved.” Does That Mean There’s Still a Chance?

Shelved doesn’t mean canceled, but it doesn’t mean the sports car will ever come, least of all soon. Sports cars are, after all, a tiny market compared to trucks and SUVs, which recent Rivian trademark applications suggest may remain its focus for a while. Filings for R3, R4, and R5 model names, suffixed with both T for truck and S for SUV, were filed internationally over the summer, suggesting smaller electric trucks and SUVs will follow in the R1T’s and R1S’s footsteps. In contrast with some earlier EV startups, however, which talk big and miss deadlines, Rivian won’t reveal what’s to come until it’s good and ready.

“In much the same way as we’ve done with these [R1] vehicles, we’re gonna be really quiet about what’s coming next, really, largely because we wanna make sure what we show is exactly what customers get,” Scaringe continued. “There is a lot of products in the portfolio that are coming, but we haven’t yet announced them.”

While the Rivian sports car is far from a certainty, the thought of its holistic approach to vehicle design—on display in the R1T—being applied to a coupe kindles the imagination. Would it still be a hardtop hatchback like the old prototype, or possibly become a roadster? All-wheel-drive, rear-only? What of the suspension or aerodynamics? Your guess is as good as ours—let’s just hope we don’t have to rely on our imaginations forever.

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