The 2021 Ducati Monster Has a New Spirit and the Same Soul | MotorBiscuit

It’s never been the fastest, but the Monster is one of the most popular bikes Ducati makes. So, when news broke that the 2021 model would lose a characteristic feature, some fans were understandably concerned. But as it turns out, those concerns can be largely laid to rest. Because while the 2021 Ducati Monster has a new look, it’s still got the same heart and soul.

For 2021, the Ducati Monster lost its trellis frame and some weight but gained significantly more

1993 Ducati Monster M900 | Ducati

The ‘characteristic feature’ mentioned above is the steel trellis frame, which used to be a Ducati Monster signature element. It’s been that way since the Italian company unveiled the first Monster, the M900, in 1992.

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