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MotoGP-level technology does often trickle down to the everyday motorcycle rider. Take, for example, airbag jackets. But while modern high-end sportbikes and superbikes do have some racing tech, they’re not race bikes. However, when the line between road and racing was blurrier, manufacturers like Ducati often sold competition-spec motorcycles for public use. And in the ‘60s, if you wanted to be like the Isle of Man TT racers, you wanted a Ducati Mach 1.

The 1964-1966 Ducati Mach 1 was the fastest 250cc motorcycle in the world

1967 Ducati Mach 1 leads 1966 BMW R50 and 1969 Norton Commando at a 2004 Hamburg, Germany race | Kati Jurischka/Bongarts/Getty Images

Today, a 250cc single-cylinder motorcycle sounds like beginner-bike material. However, in the ‘50s and ‘60s, Ducati’s early days, that was a genuine race bike recipe. There were even Grand Prix races held for 125cc bikes. So, when Ducati unveiled the 1964 Mach 1, it caused quite a stir.

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