The Fering Pioneer Has Fabric Doors And A Usable Range Of 4,350 Miles @ Top Speed


British engineer, Ben Scott-Geddes, is the brains behind the Fering Pioneer. Having previously worked for the likes of Ferrari and McLaren,the man knows a thing or two about making cars. He was also involved in the development of the racing prototype of the BMW Le Mans V-12 LMR and the Caparo T1 project.

Here’s What Makes The Pioneer Different

The Fering Pioneer Has Fabric Doors And A Usable Range Of 4,350 Miles
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Well, with vehicles like the Rivian R1S & the GMC Hummer EV around the corner, Ben along with his team have now turned their attention to the rapidly growing EV SUV/Truck segment. They have come up with the Pioneer.

Although details about the power output are still unknown, what we do know is that two electric motors, one on each axle, produce 443 pound-feet of torque with a top speed rated at 80 mph.

Unlike other EV’s though, the Pioneer uses a serial hybrid system.

The electric motors are powered by a lithium-titanium oxide battery, which has a capacity of 20 kWh. Fering believes that this particular chemical composition is far better than standard lithium-ion batteries, in terms of temperature resistance, that the vehicle might encounter in extreme conditions. Now all that was left was to tackle the problem of the range because even with a full charge, the range is limited to just 50 miles. This could have simply been solved by using a large and expensive battery, but Fering went with a different approach instead.

So How Do You Get Around The Range Problem?

The Fering Pioneer Has Fabric Doors And A Usable Range Of 4,350 Miles
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Well, here comes the best bit.

This all-terrain vehicle’s secret is that its battery, can be charged using a generator, that is powered by a three-cylinder, 95 horsepower, 800 cc turbo diesel that runs on biofuel, rated at 50 miles per gallon.

This range extender can also be used as a generator to power lights or other outdoor equipment.

With the range extender fuel tank on the Pioneer, it can easily gobble up 4,350 miles.

If required, the Fering Pioneer’s chassis is also capable of handling a larger battery that can make use of various range extenders, such as alcohol engines or a fuel cell. This enables the vehicle to be customized to the resources available to it, at that point in time.

How Does The Pioneer Achieve These Phenomenal Numbers?

The Fering Pioneer Has Fabric Doors And A Usable Range Of 4,350 Miles
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Well, to put it simply, it is the vehicle’s low weight. The “Pioneer” is built around a cunningly shaped spar structure that is mounted on an aluminum frame, partially with composite panels and partly covered with tough and durable fabric, the same stuff used to make hiking boots.

The modular design translates to identical front and rear door frames, which helps with interchangeability and on-the-spot repairs. Not using metal, or even materials like carbon fiber helps to significantly lower the Pioneer’s overall weight. The pickup, which is 79” wide and 77” tall with a double cab, only weighs 3,307 pounds.

Also, the off-roader’s 22.5-inch wheels can fit a variety of tires, including standard-sized truck tires, ensuring easy availability in even the most remote parts of the planet. The vehicle can easily tackle a 60-percent gradient, go down a 50-degree slope and wade through 55 inches of water, courtesy of the 31.5-inch ground clearance. The Pioneer is setting a new bar for a go-anywhere vehicle.


The Fering Pioneer Has Fabric Doors And A Usable Range Of 4,350 Miles
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The Fering Pioneer is a unique vehicle that combines off-road characteristics, tough design, and practicality that come in handy in harsh conditions when the going gets tough. Fering currently has a prototype in the works for testing.

With an annual target of 150 to 200 units, the production of this unique off-roader will begin in the first half of 2022, with a price tag of $ 206,700.

With that, it looks like the Pioneer is likely to appeal to the most adventurous and extreme wilderness junkies out there and will be the ideal vehicle, for those who want to get out into the wilderness and leave range anxiety behind.

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