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Pagani Automobili has only been around for about 30 years now, and they have only made two cars, just in numerous iterations, and until now, remained almost independent.
However, this may be about to change. A Saudi Arabian investment company, called Pubic Investment Fund (PIF) has recently bought a 30% minority stake in the hypercar manufacturer.

What is PIF and who do they think they are?

PIF is one of the world’s largest sovereign investment funds in the world, with the whole point of its existence being to make Saudi Arabia’s economy not so dependent on the sale of oil, which it has been for quite some time.

Pagani said, “the agreement with Pagani is in line with PIF’s strategy through investing opportunistically in partnerships with strong international business.” Meaning that this deal is something that can benefit both companies.

The Future of Pagani (what we know)

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The most immediate thing this surge of money will result in Pagani entering the lifestyle segment with the start of “Pagani Arte.”

The Pagani family will remain in the hands of the majority shareholders and Horacio Pagani will retain his positions as CEO and Chief Design Officer. Pagani also has two other minority shareholders; Nicola Volpi and Emilio Petrone.

Essentially, all this means that Pagani has a lot more money now than it had a month ago. This could be a brilliant thing because the Huayra, regardless of what form it I currently in, has been in production since 2012, and it is starting to show.

The lack of a hybrid system and the single-clutch gearbox are more than a couple of years behind the competition.

All we know about the Huayra’s successor is that it will have an AMG-sourced, twin-turbo, V-12.
It will also be offered with both a dual-clutch automatic and, amazingly, a manual gearbox as well.

What we hope will happen to Pagni

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We do not know much about Pagani Arte or the plans to go along with it but expect the possibility of Pagani sponsored car shows similar to Concours De Elegance, or perhaps, a Pagani branded yacht or something like that.

Hopefully, this influx of cash to the company can speed things up and may give us some incredible examples of attention to detail. Perhaps gold-plated bolts or gear stick made of diamond.

Given the Middle East’s taste for flaunting wealth with the most outlandish cars on earth, it is extreme but not out of the question.

At the very least, we expect this to help speed up the production of Pagani’s next hypercar.


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