This Year’s Grand Tour LOCHdown Special Airs July 30th @ Top Speed

What We Know About The Grand Tour: Lochdown

The short clip was first uploaded to TikTok, followed by the complete trailer which was eventually released on YouTube a few hours later. As the pandemic broke out last year, the boys were stuck in the UK. As a result, this year’s special was shot up north, in Scotland. It was filmed last year during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak in the United kingdom, and they thus couldn’t stay in hotels. The answer to this problem was for them to tow a trailer and camp out in the wilderness.  

Knowing the specials, we can be certain that they have always been shot in exotic countries such as Namibia, Chile or Vietnam. Over the years, Top Gear and the Grand Tour have taught me more about geography than what I learned back in school. 

This time, the trio are going on an epic trip through Scotland’s coastal landscapes, and they’re doing it in style, in 70s American luxury cars.

Jezza drives a fifth-gen Lincoln Continental, Hamster is in a third-gen Buick Riviera, and Captain Slow drives a fourth-generation Cadillac Coupe de Ville

While it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t go on an epic foreign adventure owing to continued travel restrictions, the trailer brings back memories of Top Gear’s earlier days, when many episodes were filmed in places like Wales and the Yorkshire Dales. 

This Year's Grand Tour LOCHdown Special Airs July 30th
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Coming back to the Lockdown special, these large, American land yachts, as one would guess, are not really a great fit for the small roads of the Scottish countryside. Clarkson’s Lincoln just about makes it past a stone arch and negotiates a very tight turn in the trailer. The boys can also be seen in the trailer engaging in various pranks, such as hauling and ruining three trailers, trying to put together a temporary bridge across the lake where May gets bogged in, along with making different alterations to their cars.

The trailer also shows us an early-generation Chevy Camaro, a Shelby Mustang GT350, and a beautiful green Buick Riviera with a Superbird-style wing on the rear. The guys then race in what appears to be a vintage Fiat or Russian Lada.

This Year's Grand Tour LOCHdown Special Airs July 30th
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Jeremy is seen at one point fruitlessly attempting to fix his Lincoln as Hammond and May laugh at his incompetence to undertake this kind of physical work. Lochdown appears to be a funny excursion through some spectacular landscapes, which is what the Grand Tour crew excels at bringing us every year. I Can’t wait for it. Watch out for the Grand Tour Lochdown special that airs exclusively on Amazon Prime later this month.

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