Twisted Polar Express theory about Tom Hanks’ characters changes entire movie

Some The Polar Express fans believe some of the characters voiced by Hollywood legend Tom Hanks in the classic Christmas movie are mysteriously connected

The Polar Express is a timeless Christmas classic that still holds up today – but it may be a lot darker than we first thought.

The plot of the animated movie sees a young boy hop aboard a mysterious train heading for the North Pole on Christmas Eve along with a host of other kids.

Using live-action motion-capture to create an unprecedented look on-screen, the festive film hit cinemas way back in 2004 and stars a number of well-known actors and child stars.

But the person doing a lot of heavy lifting in the movie is Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, who as well as being one of the executive producers also plays six different characters.

Hanks lends his vocal talents for the roles of Hero Boy, his father, the Conductor, the Hobo, the Scrooge Puppet and Santa Claus – leading some fans to come up with a twisted theory.

Tom Hanks is most recognised for playing the Conductor – but it’s not his only role in the film


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There are a few theories associated with the film, but one of the darkest revolves around Hanks’ characters being interlinked.

One Reddit user has put forward his idea that the Hero Boy, the Conductor and the Hobo, who are all voiced by Hanks, are actually different versions of the same person.

To begin with, they point out that the budget for the blockbuster movie was a staggering $165million, which was considerably more than that year’s average of $123million.

Claiming that the moviemakers could definitely have afford more voice actors, they suggest that it was a deliberate decision to make Hanks be the voice of those three characters in particular.

During the film, the boy meets the strange Hobo on the train who calls himself the King of the North Pole and makes fun of Santa – proving to be a sceptic.

But he does everything in his power to make sure the kid gets to the North Pole, including helping him back on the train and showing him how to fix the breaks.

The Hero Boy goes on a magical adventure on a train


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In the lengthy post, the Reddit user writes: “I think that the Hobo represents the ghost of what would have happened to Hero Boy, had he never gotten on the train. A skeptical, bitter adult who is stuck on the Polar express, trying to meet Santa.

“I think if Hero Boy had never gotten on, he would have become this bitter man and rode atop the train, as he could never receive a ticket. But he dies once he hits flat top tunnel. His ghost now rides the top of the train to the North Pole, and turns to snow when he reaches his death site.”

Another important part to the theory is the Conductor, who in this scenario is the opposite version of the boy’s future.

They continue: “The Conductor, however, is another important part of my theory. He is determined to make sure that this train reaches the North Pole. The conductor also looks like an adult version of Hero Boy. He is strict, but kind and looks out for Hero Boy.

“I believe the conductor represents Hero Boy as an Adult, after riding the Train. He makes sure Hero Boy believes in Santa by the end of that trip. He even stamps Believe onto Hero Boys Ticket. His voice is exactly the same as Adult Hero boy.”

Tom Hanks is also the voice of Santa Claus


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Many people online have been convinced by the theory and share similar views.

“I have a conspiracy theory about the Polar Express: I think the conductor is the one kid that we see getting picked up at the beginning of the movie but from the future,” said one Twitter user.

Another added: “My mom and I have created a conspiracy theory about the Polar Express: the conductor is actually the main character when he gets older.”

Some have suggested that the Hobo could represent Satan and that God was Santa, while others believe it’s actually the other way round.

Another theory is that all of the adult characters are a piece of the Christmas holiday working together to make sure it goes to plan.

The Hobo could be the Spirit of Christmas, making sure everyone is safe but fading into the background, while the Conductor is Father Time, keeping everyone orderly and in check.

Whatever you believe, theres’ no denying that The Polar Express is one to watch this Christmas.

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