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A car is often either the No. 1 or No. 2 most-expensive purchase a person can make, depending on whether they rent or own their home. When you get into the realm of luxury brands, that becomes even more true because you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on the vehicle. When you’re spending that much money on your car, you want to make sure it meets — if not exceeds — all of your expectations. If you feel it falls short, you’re not going to be happy. That’s what happened with a group of BMW i3 owners who filed a class-action lawsuit against the German manufacturer.

An overview of the BMW i3 describes the i3 as a “compact, fully electric sedan.” Edmunds writes it was one of the first two models in the brand’s then-new environmentally friendly “i” sub-brand with the 2014 model year, saying it ” looks unlike any BMW that’s come before” but that it’s “one of the most innovative on the road.”

Despite it being a departure for BMW when it was launched, the site noted that the i3 still maintained “the fundamentals of the BMW brand,” including “rear-wheel drive, responsive handling, a composed ride and energetic performance.” If you’re looking to get a 2021 model, it’s going to cost you more than $44,000 as a starting price, and if you add on the Range Extender, the base MSRP jumps up to $48,300.

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