IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For June 16, 2021

from the lakes of Minnesota to the ocean shores of LA – Good Wednesday Morning to the entire IBD Live International Team Good Morning, Scott! Good morning! Welcome back, Blaine. Good morning. Have to say that you all look amazingly good considering how early it is there! We try our best Paul! Good morning Chris – curious why yesterday you were considering ABNB? It had a RS of 10 and a recent IPO. Because often you say to avoid some stocks with RS of lets say 80. Just wondering. Certainly this is a very special situation, an exception to the rule. No traditional CAN SLIM style buy point right now for sure. Here’s more perspective, Leslie, thanks. Hatman Dave – Rusha! Rusha! Rusha! I R Irusha !!! More Irusha! More! More! Can I get my own personal holographic Irusha to help me out? The demand for that product is off the charts! Good Morning, what do I buy today ? GM Dariusz; we continue to have a decent Ready List; have you checked it lately? Thanks, Hatman Dave Greetings and best wishes to an amazing team! Greetings Lewis! Nice to have Irusha back! Gm can we look at RBLX We’ll definitely be taking a look. Check cruise lines — particularly $NCLH. Pullback seems orderly and volume has been below average. It’s certainly on our radar. Regarding financial banks today – hold or sell? sold 50% positins in C & JPM last week – hold through reversal or sell remaining positions – thoughts? live answered NVCR – a nice little handle forming here? Maybe. Just one day so far. A handle would be nice. Hey CHRIS Continuing from your $20 m d/v minimum, how do you RATIONALIZE/JUSTIFY a stock purchase IF a stock meets your D/V BUT has LOW / MEDIUM IBD ratings (< 90) ? thx ALOT Dollar volume is just an initial hurdle. In general I prefer stocks with a Composite and RS of 90 and higher. Turnarounds and cyclicals will often have lower numbers. The story and technical action will have to outweigh the low ratings. Good Morning – Can you walk through how to see recorded IBD live in aftrenoon. Thanks Simply go to the IBD Live Home page and you will see several past shows. The same day show is published usually an hour or so after the live broadcast. Have you ever seen a pattern like GDDY ? Oh boy!!!! I just asked Chris to look at it, too, Frank! I am speechless….. Hatman Dave Thank God for Ali! She puts some pep in this morning meeting! I completely agree! Hi guys, check on GNRC please, looks like it is gonna break out. Also OPY is interesting Hi Martin, yes, you are right, GNRC is acting very well! Breakout took place at 342.38, and the 5% buy zone goes up to 359.50. So now it’s getting extended. Given the big run already, we added a quarter posn in GNRC on June 8 at 350.63. SNOW shaping Up ? Hi Frank! Yes, starting to do so a little more lately. I like how SNOW is spending more time above its 50-day MA, and the pullback lately is quiet, relatively tame. Will it continue to gain support at the 21-day EMA, as well? Cheers, Hatman — and Good morning and Cheers! Lumber prices have been going back to earth as well! Are you seeing that locally, Hat Man 2? Or watching the futures market? Or both? GM Ron! Hatman D Good moring from Chicago – beautiful day! ED, David, and Chris – Nice job with yesterday’s Webinar . . . some much valuable information! Thanks Peter! Good morning from MD Hi Ciata, good morning! Welcome to our show! Hatman Dave Morning! Thanks… Morning Jack! Thanks much for joining us! Can we look at RBLX? Yes! We’ll get to this one early Can we look at UPST – trying to find support at 50day Not having much luck at the open. Hello! Thoughts on KTB? Hi! Well, KTB is now forming a new base after a good breakout from a double bottom in March at 46.99. Notice how Kontoor is losing support at the key 50-day MA. This is key: If no rebound happens soon, one could expect a larger correction. Hope these Investor’s Corner stories help, too. Cheers, Hatman Dave — and ‘@Dave – Good webinar on “Getting ready for the opening bell” yesterday with Ed & Chris. There was a power outage in our area towards the end of the webinar and I am hoping to watch the last 15 min. Will it be available in the archive? Yes, it will be available. The Video Team is working on it and it should be posted later this morning! Morning all. CELH had a ton of insider selling yesterday. Red flag? I usually don’t put much weight on insider selling. There are so many personal reasons insiders might sell unrelated to the stock. What concerns me more is the recent drops of 11% and 15% on volume. Good morning everyone! Curious to hear your thoughts on RBLX live answered BRKS was featured just days ago. What happened to Brooks Automation? Backed off buy point and is holding in that handle. to Team – just got MS alert that GNRC (Generac) has been added to “Breaking Out Today” list Personally, I like the entry at June 8 a little better as it gapped up April 6 resistance. It was added to Leaderboard that day. I have a position and was just adding a little to it today. why is rblx down so much, any news? Yes, mentioned in the news. May metrics show slight decline in users/revenue vs. April. Poll Question: Why shouldn’t you double down on a stock with good fundamentals? Examples: MOS, UPST Added to poll! Thanks Thanks Ed on BRKS. Would you be concerned or it is just caught up in market trend? It seems OK to me. Holding the 50-day line is important. Since the NASDAQ hasn’t been participating in the confirmed uptrend, are we watching for a follow through day for the NASDAQ? Technically, since we are in a Confirmed Uptrend, there won’t be a ‘follow through’ day. Just hoping for NASDAQ to clear resistance! What is going on with DKNG ? ARK Invest bought some more DKNG Tue. and analysts defended stock after Hindenburg short-sell report. Still below 50-day/200-day line. So if I just understood Chris, you typically wait until the end of the week to sell if they have dipped below the 10wk MA? For the last portion of his position. Trims some throughout the week as warranted ASO – falling below the 10 day now, take some profits? Would be good to get your thoughts live answered crox still a hold ? live answered If you buy or sell something during the show, are you disclosing this? Yes, the team always chimes in when they make a transaction. They strive for transparency! Usually a buy. MRVI…? Acting well, extended form buy point. What do you guy’s think about ASO. I’m in it at $35 a share. Pullin in this week. Digesting gains and the retail report from yesterday? Mahalo, Ohana live answered I missed the Leaderboard entry on CROX. Add now or wait? thank you Watch it on an intraday chart, perhaps the 30 min. You can draw a trendlne on the pullback, which was sedate yesterday, but selling off harder today. If it breaks it, start building your position. Have you discussed MT. Not yet today, but it has been discussed in recent weeks when steel was on the move. It may come up before they are done. Can you show how to set an alert? Simply right-click on the chart and choose SET ALERT. If there is a pattern on the chart, the pivot price will appear. If not, you simply enter the price you want the alert to be set. More help is available with a free coaching session for MS. Can we buy stock in Ally? live answered Rblx? live answered Is CROX in a freefall? live answered CROX – pulling back from buy point – any thoughts? Volume was lower yesterday live answered major negative pressure with the steel stocks, especially TX & MT. Is this the end of the run for this industry or is this a short-term correction? It all comes down to prices. Steel prices are down after a big run – like a lot of non-oil commodities. Seems like steel demand should remain strong, don’t know about supply/tariffs, other issues. Its really hard to trust anything right now. I’m very cautious at the moment. I don’t blame you. Cautiously optimistic but there’s a lot of chop out there still. how do you find stocks crawling up under your radar IBD Live will find them for you! MSFT is quietly grinding toward a new 52 week high. Chart action improving? Chart is improving. RS line slowly getting better. Could we take a look at ASO? Ali is on it right now. AA held up a lot better than FCX yesterday Copper prices *really* fell hard. Don’t know about aluminum, but China is going to sell some stockpiles. Please review MSCI live answered MSCI breaking out live answered ZS and CRWD breaking out I wouldn’t say breaking out – but both are continuing recent moves over buy points. GM IBD team! What’s the criteria you use to calculate average volume? Simple moving average over 50 days. Mutiply that by the share price and you will get the average daily dollar volume. GNRC rocking live answered Is this meeting really live? I guess YES since I can type a question in. But I still wonder Yep, we are live! And we do our best to get to all Q’s. pls comment on PINS which is having a double bottom and cleared 50 MA recently I’d like to see some more blue spikes on volume. Yesterday was a good start but right now the volume seems like it’s been weaker on the rallies and heavier on the downside. Maybe it would be helpful to share tid bits of news associated with various sectors and stocks so we could gain insight on why stocks are moving up, down or flat. Those discussions go happen. IBD Ed is out go-to news guy. But sometimes it is a mystery to the team when stocks move up or down. GNRC has gone into the blue live answered Thor wore Crocs in Endgame Sign of Thor’s decline. 🙂 For the N in CROX, would you like to show the high heels made by CROX 🙂 Personally, I can’t imagine shelling out $1,000 for shoes. My wife has a few pairs at that price level but that was before we were married. I also don’t think I have the calves to pull off heels 🙂 Awesome. It really helps to borrow your brains this early in the morning. Thanks It is especially early here on the West Coast! Good morning! Could you please say something about MRVL Nice action! Breakout was from handle just after earnings. It’s kept moving higher. Nice to see another chipmaker joining NVDA (as opposed to chip GEAR makers). Please explain the green flags with percentages in them. That is percent increase of the price from the Pivot (buy) price. It is there when a stock is up 20% or more, signifying the 8-week hold rule goes into effect. GM – Stochastic is correlating well with pullbacks in line with Charles Harris method. I was using other charting services for stochastic, MACD n RSI but MS stochastic is well drawn, recent discovery for me Awesome! Great to hear. Be sure and tell Charles on his next visit to LIVE. chris, CROX was never added to ST Added to Leaderboard! What does BLUE dot mean again , sorry ? Stocks make the RS Line Blue Dot list when they satisfy two criteria: first, they’ve hit a 52-week high in their Relative Strength line. This is where you’ll notice a translucent blue dot appear on the Relative Strength line of the stock’s chart. Second, the stock is currently building a base. If both of these conditions occur, the stock goes on the list for 90 days What about RBLX big drop and now recovering IT was discussed earlier in the show… But I missed it so I will need to re-listen later today! Bearish engulfing building on the daily for DEN No volume. Looks like it could be the start of a normal pullback. Chris what do you think would be a good exit point for CAT? I would have sold it last week on the declsive weekly close below the 10 week line. Looks the same today. I would cut it. Is there a sell rule related to % above the 10, 21, 50, 200 days? Maybe not a hard and fast rule. You might find some guidance on the IBD LIVE FAQ page under the SELL RULES heading. There are at least 7 links there. Is there a sell rule related to % above the 10, 21, 50, 200 days? (Was looking at QFIN with the question) Here is our rule for the 200-day: Thank you Chris for confirming the orderly pullback for VSTO. Thanks for greeting me in early so I have a good gain. I think the story has a lot of room. Consumer purchases increased at a 50% annualized rate for the last quarter. Getting close to the morning high. I may take a position. I initiated position in GNRC when it gapped above the trendline on 6/8. Is it too extended to add to the position here? You could add a bit here. My concern is the big prior move and that it broke above a channel line before the latest base. ASML: Selling the picks & shovels for the rest of hte chip industry. Levi Strauss. Those are some pricey pants ASML is selling. KIN. Gap up and steady. Hugh volume It’s being acquired. How to do a proper post trade analysis? I spend a considerable amount of time in picking stocks based on good fundamentals, good technicals, good entry points and so forth, but still end up selling for loss. How to know what I was wrong in my approach? Here is a link to a checklist PDF from a webinar. It might help. And a video: ASML — Only company in the world who have figured out how to use a range of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths to shink blueprint on chip – shining vaporized molten tin – 50,000 times per second – 20 billion transitstors onto a chip . . . I can’t grasp their technology – PURE MONOPOLY! Great intel. you don’t have a category for 100% cash. Good point! Is there a way to see stocks participation in IBD mutual funds in MarketSmith screens Yes, click the related Information tab on the right side of the screen. Then click on the Owners and Funds tab. You will see a list of funds in the stock. here is a question—if you participate in leaderboard and swingtrader, one is already at 10-20 stocks. Seems to contradict standard device. What gives? Not everyone buys every stock on both lists. They are suggestions and you can pick the stocks that fit your portfolio best. no way Irusha….you have 50-100 stocks, for sure lol He’s nimble! In and out quickly 🙂 PGNY breaking above a shelf..? Thoughts Hi Marshall, great Q! I see, and so does MarketSmith, a 3 weeks tight that has a 65.75 entry point. I can see how you view it as a shelf as well. Breaking out of this pattern, no doubt. Hatman Dave — and Thank you, Jonathan, re: Here is our rule for the 200-day: Yes, even with $QFIN down 7% today, it’s still 105% above the 200-day. Yet it triggered the 8-week hold rule, is #1 on the IBD 50 and only 15% above its last buy point. Yes, I’ve taken some profits, but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ??? Personally, QFIN is not a stock that I would use the 8-week hold rule. It’s a more volatile name and just doesn’t have the institutional sponsorship where I would normally see Bill apply the rule. And while 100% above the 200-day is a warning sign for potential climax action, I don’t use it as a sell signal by itself. Given that this just broke out, it doesn’t look like climactic action. im currently involved in both AMAT and ENTG, is ASML addition too much? right now it seems too extended and has no solid buy price. ASML is too extended. Wait for a pullback. Please also discuss possitions size. When speakers say 10 stocks are they 10% in each or smaller and not fully invested or on margin? 10% is what I shoot for in a good market and even higher if I have conviction about a stock. I’m targetng 5% in this market. I recently went from 8 to 4. I’m cutting my buy and watch lists in half . . . being very, very particuliar. I imagine you are taking profits on the way up, like a CAN SLIM jedi master! Hi Peter! Hatman What does the # symbol mean when it is next to an earnings number? Hi David, great, great Q. If the year ago quarter was a net loss, mathematically we cannot calculate a YOY percentage change. The # means the pctg change is an adjusted figure. For example, eps was 10 cents vs a net loss of 2 cents a year ago. So we add 4 cents to BOTH figures to make the yr ago figure positive. So, 14 cents vs a positive 2 cents = a gain of 600%, adjusted. Hatman Hey JONATHAN , what are your CRITERIA for WATCHLISTS , THX? There is no specific criteria. All of our panelists run screens and look at IBD lists and MarketSmith lists and add stocks. do you include swing trades (short term holdings) when counting Tyically, yes. If a tiny postion is started, sometimes it might go over the limit. But only temporarily. GNRC breaking out live answered there is definitely a difference in the number of stocks that I DO own vs how many I SHOULD own – haha. I think that is universal. Except maybe not for David Ryan! This year and the difficult market environment has been such a gift for growing and learning and the IBD family has helped so much. To the newbies like me You CAN do this! “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford That is the right attitude!!! How do you actually find your best ideas to invest in? Typically, the team goes through all the lists available on MarketSmith. Near Pivot, RS Line blue dot, MS250, up in volume, and maybe a few others. I keep losing the audio on zoom, any suggestion close the browser entirely and then come back in. There must be some professional traders here having 20 or more stocks in thier portolio, which Bill O’Neal didn’t advise to hold so many stocks. 20 stocks is generally the level where you get the most benefit from the diversification and can still strong gains. But many pros feel uncomfortable with 5% positions. Good morning all. I have a question on the market sentiment markers and specifically the margin debt level. Why does this metric lag so far in its time frame now showing as of April i think. This data comes from FINRA and so we can’t really speak to their methods of data collection for it. I’ve noticed it has roughly a six-week lag. When you talk about number of stocks owned does this include swing and long term positions? Generally, yes. All postitions. ‘@Chris: Does that mean it is a good time to buy NOW since its a long term leader and its at the 200day/50day This one weaker than I like to see. But that said you could start small here and see if it could hold the 200 and 50-day moving averages. Maybe add more if it breaks the downtrend line. Chris – on MSCI are you saying we shouldn’t use Pattern Recognition? or should we not use it for all stocks? Just pointing out that Pattern Recognition has limitations. Humans are still better than computers at patterns so we’re giving you some of the nuances. Chris advised to buy pullback. Is it advised to still sell if that pullback purchase continues to go down and exceeds a loss of 6%? Yes. The sell rule is always 7-8% max. Cut losses quicky. Easier to recover a 6% loss than a 20% loss! So it seems like rather than buying as a stock breaks out of a base (GNRC out of the flat base), your trend now is to find the early entry as a stock pops above a downward trendline. Is this the new strategy to focus on? It is for agressive traders. Not for everyone. It is a comfort level thing. David mentioned a few times yesterday that we should look at the short interest – is there a FAQ on this – or can you give a brief explanation of this and how it is helpful? thanks! Yes, on the FAQ page! 🙂 🙂 and a video at can you suggest some ETFs for a beginner? Maybe you can start here: for some ideas. ASML – my 1st job out of college was as a Semiconductor Photolithography Engr. (in the dark ages when Perkin Elmer was the big kahuna & ASML hadn’t even released a product. Now, ASML equip. is what defines the limits of what is possible in a fab. live answered CYBERSECURITY — Having a solid morning: ZS, CRWD, PANW, FTNT Yes. A lot of nice action. Is anyone having trouble accessing MarketSmith? I can get into, but, I will try MS and I’m getting a white screen. Please call my team at 800 831 2525 and they will help you. Sounds like an ad blocker. to Ali & team – have you reviewed ENTG (Entegris) yet? Thanks! We looked at it briefly after discussing AMAT/ASML. Many of the stocks being featured are in industry groups that are not in the top 40%. Is this bevsudr og the reotation? You got it, the rotation is a driving force. Usually our buying is happening after a market correction where most stocks are getting hit. The last few months were showing this split market where energy and other cyclicals were moving strongly while tech suffered. That led to the shift in industry group moves and we’re adjusting to that reality. HOME is that a stock that meets Leaderboard quality? HOME is being acquired I believe. Could you touch on NVCR? live answered With COVID situation getting under control , at least domestically, why do ETFs like JETS still struggle to pick up? Consider the move it’s had off of its bottom. A lot of that pickup after loosening restriction was baked into the price early on. Remember, the market is forward looking. I think the question now is can you justify the stocks getting to prepandemic highs when it might be a while to recover from the shutdown and get back to prepandemic traffic levels. MT – time to walk? Hi John, we def are monitoring it closely; trimmed our position in Leaderboard from 3 quarters (7.5% of a portfolio devoted to growth stocks) to 1 quarter on Tue. What is the ETF for Software? One we have used for SwingTrader and news coverage is IGV. please look at GNRC live answered is the margin debt level something any of you are looking at? We have certainly talked about it, Scott. Great Q. Here’s some recent perspective. And it’s on the Live FAQ section too. and IBD Live accolade – when I started MarketSmith, it quickly paid for itself. When I started IBD Live, it quickly paid for itself and MarketSmith as well! IBD Live is the gold standard for active investors! Great job guys! WOW! That is a testimonial. If you feel comfortable, I would like to put you in touch with our Marketing team. Could you please discuss the risk of buying pre Fed meetings Hope you are listening right now! BRKS Broke down the 50 MA Not a decisive break, but not great to see it undercut the 50-day line. Please forgive a newbie question. Where on Investors do we follow the fed announcement today? We will have a story on the homepage of You can also download the IBD app and we send out push alerts for select stories throughout the day (make sure to have alerts enabled). Welcome! Pray they dont say we wil begin aggreesive taper today. Good.Point.Stephen. Hatman Ed, the likes of Paul Tudor Jones think what the Fed says today is the single most important moment of Powel’s career. Tudor Jones is an incredibly successful fund manager, but he also seems to love media attention, Joanna! What time is the Fed meeting? The Fed will issue a press release at 11am PT, 2pm ET and Chair Powell is slated to take questions from the press. We don’t talk about debt much, but a stock like LRCX has a debt load of 96%. Should this factor into my investment decision in this environment ? Here is a good article from David on Debt: Do you have to have your phone MS app open in order to receive alerts? You do not need to have it open! And it’s the IBD app, not the MS app any answer on contacting team members on Leaderboard stocks Hi! Reach out to the team on twitter — David Chung is great at responding. Our twitter handles are on NVCR why be enthuasistic then earning expected to decline 83% All the enthusiasm is for a bunch of studies that could open up NVCR cancer-fighting field vs. a lot of other cancers. 2022 EPS estimates – a lot of assumptions of positive trials/FDA aprovals – see huge growth. How often does the Fed meet each year? The FOMC meets eight times a year to debate interest rates, and vote on policies. Is ALGN looking good? live answered Could one of the guys speak on RH…went up on huge volume and now pulling back on somewhat lighter volume. Thanks! Housing-related retailers are struggling. May be a consumer shift away from housing-centric pandemic spending. to Ed, Chris, Ali & team – FIGS (FIGS, Inc) is looking good today in our opinion. Currently in IPO base of 11 days with buy zone of 36.19 to 38; trading around 34.50 this morning. Very interesting story – makes stylish clothes for medical staff – scrubs, etc. (Take a look at their website.) Agreed. Bought a little GNRC after watching last week’s IBD Live recording. 🙂 We’re always hoping that just a few ideas more than pay for the subscription. SBLK finally breaking out That looks good. How about RH live answered Based on fundamentals, how is Ford a CANSLIM stock? It’s a turnaround play — forward-looking estimates are compelling. Some 1 in 4 market winners in each cycle is a turnaround, IBD’s historical research shows make it straight, IS RH buy , hold or sell…. Depends on where you bought it. If you’re down over 8% it’s a sell for at least part, depending on where you sized your position (if off the 10-week line). Not a buy yet for new buyers I bought SBLK on the day it was highlighted here. I’ve got a 16% gain. Thank you, IBD Live! Great! I’m on the West Coast. You give me a solid reason to get out of bed by six each morning. Thank you. 🙂
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