IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 15, 2021

While screening for stock setups, REITs sometimes are hitting my screens more than anything else (including this week) – what makes REITs different than other stocks? Should be traded differently than other securities (i am a swing trader style trader)? Real estate investment trusts and stocks are both investment vehicles. REIT investors hold shares in a trust that owns and manages a collection of real estate properties or mortgages, while stock investors purchase shares in the ownership of a public company. They can be traded the same. Goodmorning! Was yesterday’s volume enough to consider it a follow through day? Yes, it was the Nasdaq’s strong gain in higher volume that triggered the follow through day. can i get a link to the watch list please? On this page here, if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see our IBD watch list: Hoping David will fill us in on his actions in the last few days ..? live answered Hi Ali, I bet all the IBD ladies just love follow through days. 🙂 Not sure what you mean! Ed, you are ON FIRE Ah, par for the course — Ed’s course! A great news round-up, for sure. Are BNTX or mRNA actionable? Not yet, still deep within their bases. Both trade well beneath their 50-day moving averages. If they get within 5% to 15% of their highs, then this means new bases are really developing. And, at some point, some aggressive entries may emerge with the use of a trend line. These Investor’s Corner articles may be very helpful! HatMan Dave — and and Good morning and Happy Friday! Can a follow-through day be on a different index than the initial rally attempt? Great Q! Technically, we look for a FTD on the same index. You only need one index for a follow-through day. Remember, though, the FTD must come, in almost all cases, on Day 4 or longer of a new rally attempt. So, this implies you must first have a Day 1 in the new rally. and Good morning! Enjoyed your presentation in Napa David Ryan. Welcome back! Great! How can yesterday be Follow-T-D without increase in volume? We saw a notable increase in Nasdaq volume vs. the prior session as the Nasdaq rose 1.7%. 4.21 bil shares vs 4.01 bil shares. You are right that on the NYSE, turnover dipped. But we only need a strong gain in higher volume on the corresponding exchange in just one index for a follow-through day. Appreciate the question, Robert! More here — Speaking of which, how do we know if the Follow Through fails? Great Q; if we see distribution days immediately after Thursday’s session, sending indexes below the low of the FTD; and if leading stocks’ breakouts suffer. This story may help, too — Is the Q&A working. I can not see the comments. Test Steels are all below 50sma ? live answered GM, for Dave Ryan, does he buy when a stock (like TX) is under 50 dma? We have heard before he says he doesn’t buy stocks under 50….THX live answered TNDM down today. Any insight? Don’t see any news. TNDM has gone up for several days – all in below-avg volume. Why was it a follow through when vol was lighter than the day before? Nasdaq volume was higher, which is all we needed. I believe NYSE volume ended up a fraction higher. Can we look at AA? live answered What is david doing on RVLV live answered FCX actionable? The official buy zone does not start until 46.20, so we’re still a good 16% away. But you could draw a downward sloping trend line from the high on 5/14 to the peak on 8/6 to createan early entry point. What REITSs look actionable? Here’s a story I wrote on Arbor Realty last week: Check it out! Is there a good Transportation ETF? SPDR S&P Transportation ETF (XTN) is a good one. ED — XTN is a SPDR S&P Transportation ETF Thanks. UPST – is this climax action? live answered anyone cosidering german ev makers like VWAGY I’d like it to get above a 50-day line. What is happening with INMD? Robert, incredible strength, even after the 2-f-1 split. However, I agree w/ what Irusha said this week, the moves are getting wilder. So, the chances of a faulty base increase. But the Street seems to be acknowledging the potential growth of the business? Can it succeed beyond skin aesthetics? Not sure right now. UPST AFRM update please UPST acting right after a move out of a pattern that’s pretty solid as a high, tight flag. AFRM, not sure yet if it’s going to blast past the deep, deep cup’s 147 entry point. Perhaps, what Jason Thomson said Tuesday on what could happen may unfold — watch for a new, shallower base to possibly form after this stunning move. David, I have had India ETF for a long time along with other emerging market ETFs as long term holdings, but I have been in FLIN which has lower cost Good share how about UPWK? Hi Neil, we just added this back to the Live lists. Nice move lately, now facing some short-term resistance at 60. COIN ?? The right side of the base forming — again? UPST I sold out yesterday at a nice profit live answered UPST earnings coming MarketSmith shows it’s still a ways away, Nov. 9 WSB is jumping on UPST FYI WSB? Not seeing this ticker, Tim Why is UPST not a climax top right now? live answered Hi David What is the best way to find ETFs is one source of news and screens — why you do not short stocks that are extended? Great Q, Cobi; well, it seems many like to “top-tick” but we strongly feel that when you’re watching the true market leaders, you really don’t know how far up they can go. Short sellers often find themselves covering. It’s only when we have a major sell signal — a huge break below the 10-week MA in heavy volume, a true climax run, the formation of a head and shoulders pattern, or an 8% drop from a breakout point in a late-stage base — that we then begin to look for short-sale entries. That is, we try to improve our odds of selling short after the stock is clearly broken and changing in character. Well, this is the IBD thinking. Many articles here, too. Cheers, HatMan Dave — Would you review Lovesac (love) if time permits? Hi Reha, it’s forming the right side of a new base. 89 RS rating is good, watch to see if it improves. It’s a deep cup. But trading above the 50-day MA for over a month now, a good thing. This Corner may be very helpful. Cheers, HatMan Dave — ‘@justin – 18 weeks in this market might result in a couple of return trips :-). Do you think there needs to be some adjustment given it was a different market when Bill was operating. Just wondering. I still like to stick with the 18 weeks as a climax top rule, but that doesn’t stop me from selling something when the strength just gets overdone. Hatman – In general, where’s a good place to put a small amount of money (Maybe $4000) that’s been saved for a child in a brokerage account making zero. Any ideas? Chris has made a good point about how one can now reasonably buy 4 to 10 stocks in even a small portfolio, using the IBD Live/CAN SLIM strategy, using an online broker since trading fees are zero. Also, I think you’ll like this story — What do you mean react?BUY or sell? Sell — check out our exlainer videos on sell rules at What’s minimum average daily volume requirement for CANSLIM? 400k to 500k shares per day. But for Leaderboard, we set a minimum avg dollar volume of $25 mil, and much prefer $50 mil or $100 mil per day or more. Is there news on AMZN? Ed did mention Rivian, in which Amazon owns a huge stake now. The 67 ships outside Long Beach = CONTAINER ships… Right! Peter, how long do you think that snarl will dissipate now that President Biden has ordered 24/7 ops? Thanks, Hatman! Re: child savings Q. U bet! The US port “issue” (container receiving terminals) have been a known issue for many years… Sounds like many White House administrations have dropped the ball on this for decades, then, Peter? Now we have some focus.. politically (short term) to “fix” Xmas deliveries…. Good point What’s happening to TNDM today? Looks like a normal pullback after many up days in a row; notice how it’s gotten well ahead of the 50-day MA, doesn’t it? Hatman – thoguhts on CG? Hi Jeff! Nice to see the RS line blue dot trigger, a good sign. I fee the latest base is a bit sloppy, but in a good group. Many pullbacks to the 50-day line since the late-2020 breakout… Quick note – I don’t think you’ve done a viewer poll in a while. If you don’t mind a bit of lobbying, I thought this was a great addition to the program and a friendly way to engage with your audience. Thanks much for this reminder! Yes, I hope to raise this w/ Ali for next week. Cheers, Paul Ed’s final thought – he would wait on TSLA – LOL!!! Have a great weekend Heh. I won’t buy TSLA, but that really has been my concern technically — it could use a pullback. But it’s not frothy for sure. I can go on about this for some time… But I enjoy the comments you all are making and how it ties in to buying stocks 🙂 live answered Thanks Everyone Cheers Phil! Good wknd to you Great show, thanks Nice! Thanks everyone + David. live answered Great to see David live answered Great show! thanks all!!! live answered Great show today! Thank you live answered Have a great weekend! Thank you! live answered
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