IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 5, 2021

banks? Feels like a crowded trade at this point but really like the way SIVB is trading. And AXP is in a cup with handle base so there could be more runway for the financials. Good Morning Justin Good morning, Jim! Awww, can I get a hell yeah! Gimme Shelter!! Stones!!! Good morning Team!!!! 😆 Like the energy Larry! Enjoy. Good morning! Do you intentionally have the preshow music much lower volume than the show itself? Just wondering, bc after I crank it up to hear the music, I blast myself out when you guys start the actual show….. LOL Haha noted, we will turn it up more! Ali/Chris/Ken – SNAP – ysterday, final 1/4 position sold from Leaderboard. How is Exit price calculated (End of the day price???) Thanks The price when the alert hits. no d ryan? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 what day will david ryan be on live answered when is David Ryan going to be on the show this week? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 No David Ryan today? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 isn’t David Ryan on Tuesdays? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 Where is David Ryan? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 Good morning IBD live! Is David Ryan not joining us this month? He’s on a well deserved vacation! His first show in Oct. will be 10/15 PULLBACK/CORRECTION/BEAR With regard to market indices, what percentage decline from the top does IBD use to define a normal pulback, mild-moderate correction, bear market? Same question for an individual stock. Thanks! 5% normal pullback; 10% mild-moderate; 20%+ full blown correction Good morning team. Thoughts on BTU? We discussed this one yesterday when it was still in range, but it’s way too extended now. What was the ticker for the petroleum co Ed just mentioned? I believe it was CPE. Soooo… just to confirm the rally attempt failed yesterday and we are starting the count over today, correct? Yes, that’s correct. Hi why there is no distribution days shown on market smith web anymore? Thanks We’re in a correction. So we’re looking for a follow through. Distribution days are not relevant now. Wher is David Ryan? I thought he attended on Tuesdays. Hey Joanna! Check the answered section of the Q&A! 🙂 Chris – would you recommend buying puts on the index or on individual stocks if one hasn’t yet? Sounds like we are in this down market for a while yet thx I buy puts on individual stocks when they are extended. To hedge a portfolio I now short Nasdaq futures. SQQQ and index puts also work but they can have limitations, whether margin limits when it comes SQQQ or liquidity on some puts. SI cleared resistance area with significant volume the last two days live answered what is and or how do you measure the velocity? live answered what is ESG ? Environmental, social & governance Ali, we only get to see the answers to the Q and A after one logs in. Since I was a little late, I don’t see anything before I logged in. We’ll have them at the end when we put the lists out. Is SNAP tainted by FB woes? Seemed like all the social stocks were getting hit, which is typical in the market. When bad news hits one stock it often spills over into related stocks. AXP- possible set up day Does look good. We have it on SwingTrader. But yesterday shows the risk. It was up nicely in the morning but reversed lower as the market sell-off got worse. how do you screen for shorts, Chris? I screen for stocks with dollar volume above $20 million ($100 million for SwingTrader) and look for tickers trading below their 200-day lines and +/- 5% to 10% around the 50-day. You want to look for low-volume rallies up to 50-day and then short the downside reversal. Chris are you still in FIGS? No. I sold on 9/20 when it closed below the 50-day. Please review SBLK…reversal today after a bad day yesterday I don’t like the way it came down to its 50-day moving average in very heavy volume. It wedged higher after that. Just not a fan of the chart. Too wide and loose for me. Good morning, thoughts on SI. Thanks. live answered How does Jon distinguish between solid long term options buys versus tactical short term ones designed to create a squeeze? live answered This analysis through the options is really great for understanding market flows. It’s helpful for my long trades. Thank you IBD and Jon! live answered What do you think of APPS? Looks great. In a better market I would be buying it. If most of the psychological indicators give a better sense when the market is bearish than it is bullish, why not discuss them now? Most of the psychological indicators are best at giving you a sense when the bearishness gets excessive and a short-term bottom may be imminent. We aren’t at that excessive bearishness yet. Has John seen anything of interest in semi stocks? very weak of course lately but any standouts? MRVL maybe? Scott mentioned AMBA yesterday. Strong stock. SI up on vol last couple days. Comments please live answered TSLA moving back toward 800, SBLK back in the buy zone I don’t think that old SBLK buy zone is valid anymore, but it is nice to see it move up there. SI anyone? One of the few stocks with a 99 99 rating The buy signal was Friday. Too extended now. How about HHR? Looks like a Pocket Pivot today Agree. Nice bounce today. CPK regaining 50-day today…. trying to… Dr J – Please discuss managing so many options positions when the market gets volatile and several positions start going against you. Thanks live answered Chris – In general, when would it be a good time to buy SPX or another index ETF for long term hold? FT Day or earlier? You can start on a reversal and add on a FT day. But I would be trading it rather than a long-term hold. The best time to buy an index for the long term is after bear market, and even better a secular bear market like in 2009. Could you review and disuss what the 0VIX chart is implying? I know it spikes on days when the market is dropping but it looks like last 4-5 days have alternated pink/blue but in the same range. I just can’t figure out what the one day spikes mean vs. this past 4-5 day period. Thanks for all the mentoring. live answered Is QQQ setting up a potential double bottom base on the daily chart? $374.14 BP?? Two legs down on daily chart, but look at the weekly chart. Not a double bottom. Good morning. Should we be waiting for a follow through day before we start getting aggressive again with individual stocks? Looking for that buy signal, yes. But if gains hold today, it would be Day 1 of rally attempt for Nasdaq, S&P 500 When I look at market Smith pricing against my TD Ameritrade account, the pricing is off slightly 20-30cents…is there a lag in MS pricing? Seems to be. I’ve noticed it myself. I’ll check with Scott. sorry, FOCS Solid breakout today. Good eye. Ken – can I get your take on the Index ETF question to Chris, as well? When would be a good time to buy SPX for a long term hold? When the market tide starts flowing positive again. Nasdaq could still test 200-day line. Best to wait for renewed signs of insitutional buying with follow through day. How do you check short interest in a stock that is not listed in MarketSmith? And how often is the short interest in MS updated? The short interest is updated every two weeks. Most OTC stocks are not listed on MS. All other stocks traded in the US are. For those not on MS, you can go to the NYSE or Nasdaq web sites and they both have short reports. Thoughts on NTR. Held up against the market downturn yesterday. Fertilizers look good, including NTR. The optimum buy was on 9/23 when it broke out over a trendline. Another buy signal on Oct. 1. I love how Alli draws the high points before you mention them. She has got to be psychic I know! Ali understands the stock charts so well that she’s “drawing” the analysis even before we say it. Hi Chris – Could you please explain how to use the short interest info in Marketsmith. Hi there! We have an explainer over at 🙂 OLPX . early IPO , up 7% Nice action. I’m keeping an eye on it for a possible IPO base. Chris – Would a second or third day of a FT Day attempt be a reversal in terms of that Index ETF question? Even though the Nasdaq is up 1.3% it’s still an inisde day. If it takes out yesterday’s high, that would be a reversal. What subscription level is option alert watchlist Jon showed just a little while back? Check out for more info 🙂 jon would you talk about coal again,and if it is still buyable ? Hi there! We talked about BTU yesterday with Justin, who was saying it was extended. Time to buy was last Thursday/Friday Can you disucss NOW? live answered Why do you guys think DEN is acting weird and not moving much with all other oil stocks? Is it worth holding in anticipation of a late move in the group for this? I don’t know. DEN does have a much-higher PE than a lot of other energy plays right now – maybe that’s a factor. I don’t know the oil vs. natgas mix, etc. where is that screen-cboe—can’t find it on ibd Any thoughts on VSTO trading tightly aroung 10/21/50 dy lines….? It’s still on a dowtrend, but a move above its recent high of 42.99 would fix that. Ken – Could you please explain how to use the short interest info in Marketsmith. RH still has a relatively high short interest. Based on its average daily volume of 450,000 shares, it would take 5.8 days to cover the short position. I really like finding top-rated growth stocks with strong fundamentals, technicals and high short interest. Can Jon explain the difference in “Volume” & “Open Interest”? Open interest is how many contracts are out there that are not settled. Volume refers to the trading that period. Volume counts both opening and closing transactions. Open interest will increase with opening transactions and be reduced with closing transactions. How much is 1 year paid in full Marketsmith? Hey there! Our team would be more than happy to help — [email protected] Where is David Ryan today? David Ryan is taking a vacation! He’s on a road trip with his wife. Which day is David Ryan coming on this week? It may have been asked/answered before but I had to drop off so might have missed it. He’ll be on late next week. Not sure if he’s on vacation. TASK is this IPO still hot ?? I think so…solid test of the 10-week line so far this week. Close near weekly high would be good to see. I am surprised the MarketSmith chart does not reflect the 10/7 ex-div date for AXP. Hey Fred! If you go to the weekly chart you’ll see that we list the ex-div date right under the yield and below annual earnings data. When you say 2 to 5% position. Is it quarter to half size position 5% is often a half initial position. On market leaders I will target a 15% to 20% position.. Walmart already signed up with AFRM Yep. WMT and now AMZN. SIG nearing it’s all time high! live answered NVDA up almost 4%, well ahead of other semi’s Nice bounce. It may not be finished. I’ll watch the 50-day. ESI-look at volume. Crossed above 50dma. What do you think? Hmm. Looking better. Thanks. I’m going to draw an alert on this one.
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