IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 7, 2021

Would the team kindly discuss EPAM? live answered James Bond Music? Yep. Adele’s “Skyfall” Ticker of the day. ADEL That’s good. Also could go with BOND. Greetings All..Thank you for your expertise from the very beginning of this brain child….Gut feeling, Is this a relief rally or something we can tiptoe into? Many people had the “gut” feeling in April 2020 that the outlook was still pretty bleak, but when you get a follow-through day, you should start putting some money to work! No matter what your gut tells you πŸ™‚ Nice one Ed, nobody does it better πŸ˜‰ Yes he is the music master! Thoughs on an early entry on TGLS I like how well the relative strength looks on this one. However, it isn’t very liquid. Only $6 million in average dollar volume so not exactly the institutional quality level we like to see. You have called follow through days on day 3 in the past. Can today potentially be that, or did you need a more powerful day 2 for that? What do you need to see? More power is needed. Won’t qualify for a day 3 follow-through today. I made some money on your call on Affirm yesterday. Thx. Awesome! Good morning! I’m back for my favorite class!!! Made money last week and this…oil and metals. Stopped our of my teck stocke. Awesome! Welcome back, Tim! Ed – Simple Question – the Dow may have follow through day based on the opening. Would that action with volume result in you changing your market call??? “Market resumes Uptrend” Thanks It’s all about how it closes. Plus, remember we need to see volume come in heavier than the prior day as well. With AFRM, is this a high tight flag and if so, should i hold my position and let the pattern (possibly) run its course? I’m sure the team will provide an update on this trade. The SwingTrader team crushed it yesterday! is APPS a buy today It was already 10% from the 21-day yesterday and looks to be trading another 1% higher premarket. A little extended for me. Also the past two days came in below-average volume. Could not hear Rachel’s picks DAVA and UHAL TASK…? same group as ALB live answered wheres DSC Vacation! nice one on affirm yesterday on the show. I shorted it initially (116.25) , up 3 percent on the short, closed it out breakeven and started a long position there and put in a sell order at the sept 24 high of 133. Never would have guessed it would hit that a few hours later. what a wild ride. I saw your note that you shorted and was worried about you! Glad you’re nimble! I am hiking in Colorado today. Please brief us on the market. Thanks. Starting at approx 9:30 ET we will do exactly that πŸ™‚ Good morning from Dallas, y’all! Howdy, Tom! (I can say that because I’m a Texan, ha) does anyone else having a problem hearing? Not on my end! I always find that using headphones helps, if you have some available! πŸ™‚ Good morning! Nice to see Rachel! MIssing Harold’s analysis this week! Yes, Rachel is awesome and Harold will be back later this month! Chris – SHOP – multiple test of 200 day. Is it time to pull the trigger??? live answered DOCS and MNDY breaking through trndlines. Is there an entry here? live answered Chris: can you please comment on MRNA: is it time to start looking at this former New America darling? 2 weeks ago above 450; today under 300? Please do a deep dive on this stock. MRNA… Thank you. Do I start nibbling? I would not be touching this stock after the climax run. Stocks that do come back from a climax take 6 months to a year to reset. upst, high tight flag i believe, in at 316 today live answered MRVL? Thank you live answered AFRM was a great swing trade yesterday! Don’t remember the last time a ST turned into a positive day trade…. Sometimes you just take a 20% gift when it’s given to you πŸ™‚ Is the green shaded area considered a proper buy base also? Yes, off the conventional buy point. Please can we visit SNOW and for Chris to discuss as this could be an early entry? live answered TEAM has negative earnings in June 2021, sitll it’s a buy? Street liked the report, stock surged 22%. The numbers are important, but even more important is the reaction Ken – how about TNDM??? mentioned on September review live answered How do you start a position off a moving average line? You can size your position off the 10-week line, we have an explainer article at πŸ™‚ Good morning Rachel! What are your favourite names right now? DAVA and UHAL are two of the ones she’s highlighting today! MOS has shown solid moves while the market has been mostly weaker. What say you? We say the time to get in was when it cleared 34.45. Extended now This market has been so frustrating, got in on a bunch of trendline breaks some weeks ago, was adding to some existing.. having to sell about all those new buys/add ons following rules.. only to watch them all come roaring back.. Am I the only one feeling this way?? It’s been giving us whiplash, no doubt. Corrections are unpredictable, so better to follow sell rules and live to fight another day then sit on 10%, 20%, or 30% losses or more β€” those are holes that are hard to climb out of! Chris – ATKR – retaking 50 day – do you buy?? Bad action lately and no volume today. I would be looking for something stronger. And do you short during corrections? We’ve been looking at short ideas. But we focus on stocks that are in prolonged downtrends hitting resistance at downward-sloping 50-day lines comments NFLX It’s extended right now. Plus, earnings in 12 days TGLS moving up this AM after big move yesterday, news? live answered AFRM hang on to hat Definitely TASK retrieve its 21MA is it time to ride it again ? live answered TGLS showing “Blue Dot,” news? live answered TGLS breaking out in strong volume live answered MN DY- Theme! MNDY ASAN TEAM live answered Justin – thanks for the in depth answer to my question yesterday – about what is better – swing trading vs long term holdings for big winners. live answered UPST breaking DT line live answered S gap up and retalking IPO pivot (still blo 50D) live answered UHAL…33k daily volume lol….little thin πŸ˜‰ But the share price is $678, so dollar volume is $22.7 million β€” $20 million is usually our minimum. Good morning team. Does UHAL have enough volume to be considered as a buy? The share price is $678, so dollar volume is $22.7 million β€” $20 million is usually our minimum. APP breaking out. live answered Comments on SNOW volume today? Isn’t it low and little wedging up? live answered Is AFRM nearing the top of the right side of a cup? Maybe a handle will form? live answered What happened to ZIM and SBLK live answered Is today potentially day 3 to FTD? Day 5 for the Dow is the most likely FTD bkng LOOKING GOOD live answered Please update on DOCS, thanks live answered Thoughts on shippers – SBLK DAC? live answered Could you look at SBLK? live answered Has AFRM already been discussed? live answered Speaking of sold positions, how’s TGH look? live answered I started my first shorts with BIDU and BABA – and of course they are soaring now. I think I have reverse Midas Touch. We’ve found the optimal time to short is when you get a weak rally up to a declining 50-day and the stock gets turned away at that level, vs. waiting for a new low SE crossing DT after pb to 50D live answered newbie question, when Ed says index volume is even how did you find that on marketsmith Look at top of homescreen at DOW so why wasn’t yesterday the follow thru day? I thought it it was day four counting from 10/1/21. Thanks You need to wait until day four for the signal. The signal is that we require a day of power on heavier volume than the prior day. We just didn’t have the power we needed yesterday, but if we close at these levels today on volume, then it would be considered a follow-through day. AFRM – retaking yesterday’s high of the day; please discuss live answered Wow, looks like AFRM is starting to run again. live answered My Marketsmith MA settings are different to ur IBD live Ma averages. can you share ur settings with me please Pink is 10-day SMA. Green is 21-day EMA AFRM: room to run still ? live answered My stop was too tight on AFRM. Shook out for 3% loss yesterday. 😒 Did you have a hard stop? We typically use alerts and then wait to see how it shakes out. Take a look at ISRG and TMO live answered I really appreiate the discussion on how you can turn a good swing trade into a position trade, Im trying to learn how to have both =love this show, learning every day live answered TSLA up .5 ang F UP 4.5% live answered Will it be a good time to add to existing position in Tesla ? live answered I head Chris talk about Position trade , what exactly does position trade mean ? Swing trades are shorter term, a few days to a few weeks. With a postion trade you’re looking for a larger gain over weeks to months or even a year or more. Chris, What’s your timeframe on your put buys?…thanks. On a climax run, at least 6 months. For a stock that gets extended 20% or more from the 10-day I usually look for at least 3 months. You don’t want time decay to ruin the trade. And don’t worry about the cost of the puts. The real cost is spread getting in and out. Please comment on ISRG live answered Chris – please explain again when you deploy .50 delta Puts as a hedge. Makes it easy to size your postion. 2 puts with a 0.5 delta will fully hedge 100 shares. I’m asking again; where can I find in the site the todays volume against yesterday volume. It was on the main paga before, but it is not now NUE up 4.5% TX up 3.7% Still very broken at this time β€” well below their 50-day lines after heavy selling What would you be doing with Sivergate SI ? For those who got a good entry, might be a good time to take some profits here! Looked at F on my TOS Chart and realized I missed my dawg gone trendline entry! But to be fair, I think we were in correction when it broke? You are correct. thanks Ali, what are the weekly and monthly please Check out! πŸ™‚ are we still in market in correction? We reviewed earlier! Lookin’ pretty good Chris’s comments about holding off until follow thru and power trend before going hard… was just what i needed to here. You guys are the best. live answered So I haven’t been on for a couple of days – which days (Dates) were the turn-a-round days for the Russell S&P and Nasdaq as I think you are saying that all three have had them. That means we are waiting for a follow-thru day which generally happens on 4-7th day on higher than average volume and volume higher than the previous day. Correct? Yes. Only the Dow could follow through today, but volume is currently running lower. Can a FT Day be called when the index is still under the 50 day SMA?? Yes! I might start adding exposure judiciously on the Follow-through and then if we get above the 21-day line and 50-day line I could add more. A downside reversal at the 50-day line would cause me to back away in a big way. ‘@Chris: is now a good time to initiate a position in TQQQ? Are you tempted to add to your TQQQ position? live answered Chris – when do you buy those Puts to hedge? When you open the equity position? When the stock shows climactic action, especially above the 10-day on a short term basis. Usually means there will be a pullback to the 50-day. Chris, what would your entry point for TQQQ? That price stays above 50DMA? A follow-through and/or the retake of the 50.
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