IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good Morning! Happy Thursday to the best live business show on earth – IBD Live !!!!! GM Scott! Well, I hope many others agree!!! Cheers to you Hatman…hey can you help me find an article you wrote on how to calculate the potential longer term price of a stock…I used it to stay in AMD and it helped me a great deal. Thanks!! Check these ones out! — and and and Thoughts on ABNB and FTNT today? live answered Good Morning from Dallas!! GM John!! Ticker of the day LNSK very good This can’t be Ali’s playlist. lol Hey, I like this song and band! Good Morning IBD Live! Nice one, DSC. I saw Nugent and Skynyrd at the Shoreline in July 1994. I was 17 and it rocked harder than the Edmond Fitzgerald. Nugent came out with a crossbow strapped to his back! I really think Ed and Chris will appreciate this great anecdote even more, pal! Ed’s choice today, very thoughtful one too, again. Good morning guys! Is today a possible FT day? What would make it? live answered Next week is the anniversary of the 1977 plane crash that killed 1/2 the band Oh, wow. Thanks for sharing that. Good Am IBD gang. Happy Thursday. Great to see you Scott! We are too, James! GM from Cape Cod….nice action pre market And it’s translated into the first hour! GM Phil. How many people are working total on the IBD live team? Hi Tim, as you can see, we continue to have four panelists on screen, as always. The number of dark ops staff changes day to day, however. Goof morning from Hammond, Wiscosin. On the road,, but still tuning in to the best business show – I nominate you guys for an Emmy! Thanks for tuning in on the road! We appreciate our long-time subscribers!! Good morning all. Allie, did you move back to Calif. ? Just visiting for the week! ABNB ready to hit a 176.96 pivot live answered What are the tickers they/you guys are watching today? MRVL SE BILL… What else was it? Thx MSFT, GOOGL, FTNT 🙂 Morning all. What were Ali’s ymbols SE,MSFT,GOOGL,FTNT Probing can be expensive – live answered Pattern Recognition does not appear to be working today…. Is it just me? live answered UPST ??? live answered TWLO, strong day y’day, gap up today, dreadful RS, just crossed 50D live answered snow breaking out of long base-thoughts? live answered SNOW – just above about a 9 month base live answered Is today a day to add exposure? Or after several days up it could be a bad risk reward day? Yes can add exposure today but you’re right, make sure it’s in stocks that aren’t extended! SNOW moving up close to clearing overhead on weekly chart, thoughts? live answered Can you look at MNDY, moving now live answered Anyone in AFRM? Would you add to it here? We would not be adding to it here. 15% above the 10-day MA Hi Scott – are you still cutting losses at 5%? 4 to 1 reward to risk on your trades? 5% is my max if I am trading correctly and/or don’t get caught in gap down. Prefer to cut them sooner if I can 3% maybe? amba finally go off live answered TSLA? =) Continuing to creep higher! To Scott’s point on IBD fund counts, is there a way to screen for stocks that have more than X IBD funds? unfortunately no can you please look at APPS digital turbine. after long break stock is back. good entry point now, thoughts from IBD team? We were looking at this on 10/5 or 10/16 as a buying opp w/ a rebound off the 21-day, and even on 10/7 when it cleared a handle BROS discussed last week is up 25% this week. live answered FTNT?? live answered ASO isn’t particpating in today’s rally. What do you make of that action? Yeah, not acting like a leader right now Scott – thanks for the analysis of probing. I was just sulking from just selling off all my probes and then watching them take off this morning. Onward and upward hopefully. its tough, you have to be persistent or stubborn maybe? 🙂 Hard to know when the probing is just not working and stopping is best Thoughts on ULTA. Up 8 of the last 9 days Looks like 388.06 was a potential entry there BILL challenging old high. Still near 21-day. Trade? live answered today a follow through day? Could be! ED – Those alert sounds on your computer is very bothersome. Can you please mute them Got it. Hopefully I just I did. Thx Scott – love your work great stuff. I love how you seem to keep it simple on the risk and return. I try; a lot of time I am speaking to myself too 🙂 They say the bronze medalist is the happiest Scott. I do know that study. Bronze happier than silver, not gold though LOL why are financials down ? JPM BAC MS GS C live answered Ali, love the questions you think to ask She’s great. What is the recommendation in terms of position size for a “probing” buy? 5%? More like 2% NOW gapping up through a trendline live answered BILL breakout to new high, buy? We reviewed with Scott towards the beginning of the show — looking good! what/where is market school Here you go! ABNB checked back near the pivot and pulled back live answered This is painful! The way I’ve played the uncertainty and market in correction environment is practicing with TOS Paper to play all those probing positions. What’s painful is I’m doing very well! The upside is…I’m doing very well! Start small with some real money and build your confidence. What are the signals that indicate the market has moved from correction back to uptrend? Take a look at our explainer article at on the concept of a follow-through day 🙂 Chris – great heads up on TASK yesterday! I’m glad we highlighted it when it was just starting to move. BROS? live answered COIN crossing DT line again live answered Hey Ali, can we look at BTU? Looks like it’s setting up with a declining-tops trend line, plenty of resistance… Let Scott know DOCS has about 8 high quality institutional funds… maybe that will. Change his mind Asleep at the wheel on this name I missed the discussion on IIPR yesterday……is it actionable today? live answered Comments on SNOW? We reviewed towards the beginning of the show! Looking good FTNT (long-term leader) looks like a buy? live answered Can we check nvda if its actionable right now ? live answered Is today proves to be a FTD, is it best to sell any stocks in your portfolio that are down on the day? It depends on what kind of profit cushion you have, where those stocks are trading in relation to key support levels, etc. Ali – Can we get an explanation on what the LTL startegy is about? Check out this article for all the details! SOFI, is it extended here, or a good time to add a small position? It’s extended — the day to get in was 10/11 Was just looking at nvidia too. Would take a starter position there with the trend line break? You definitely could do that! Banks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im with Chris Some have worked as swing trades, but in general the big banks are a pass. RVLV being a 4th stage any concerns? You look at the chart and the second stage base seemed like it was a continuation of the first. Also if the action was not tightening up I would be more cautious. Ali – please send a link to the Swing Trader Strategy. Check out SIVB earning in a week live answered Can we look at FCX? We look at it earlier. MATX – dry bulk index has dropped the last few days…?? live answered What premium strategy is closest to mimicking the “OG” CANSLIM method? Leaderboard 🙂 Lit as Lithium play? Certainly legit, Scott; we’ve highlighted it before in the past. Not sure what are the major components, that may be worth checking. Does it have LAC LTHM ALB and so forth? Ali is becoming an all around star at IBD, from hosting to analysis to end of day wrap-up. My sentiments too, Stephen. I think my PI has been doing better recently. yes, the volume is light Looks like it’s been above average the last three days, and on track to be above average again today! Nice job Scott, When is MOS extended? live answered Too late to buy MOS? live answered IPI moving up strongly too live answered MTDR please? live answered BUY MOS, i’m up 80% and need to make just a little more! Nice job, Tim! GOOGL rocks in this location Web search and ad firms making a nice comeback, surely. TTD retakes its 50-day line, too. CPE making a handle? live answered IPI. Is doing better than mosaic live answered What about steel and China? How do you see this grouo acting today? Steels are starting to turn and everyone has forgotten about them. This is probably a low risk area for starting positions in the group. Scott : UPST HTF? fyi – Todays breakout is day 15 w/ volume Yes, we’ve just moved it off the watchlist in Leaderboard. Thanks John — Is Justin OK? The show is almost over and he hasn’t chimed in on anything! 🙂 He did! Was talking about market school only needing 1% for the FTD instead of 1.2% 🙂 Retail seems to do well over the holidays, LULU crossing the 50 This is encouraging, Jack, after all of the luxury apparel firms and NKE all drifted lower for weeks. DASH breaking DT line, not much vol live answered COP? Definitely a new leader Miralba, pls don’t chase at this point. Way extended for now. I’d be watching for a follow-on entry point, such as a bounce off the 10-week MA — NET? Wow! Indeed! Enterprise, security software leaders seem to be in a secular growth mode! Even during a correction, William O’Neill would always ask, how are the leaders acting? Yes indeed! Today’s the day:) Rocking leaders trumps market IMO And we really did not suffer too deep a correction Feels like a follow thru day to me “Tomorrow is Options Expiration. Do you think that will affect the markets?” Likely not; LKQ Breaking out RS line blue dot too — Dave, go UPST! ;0) Oh yes! Great panel and discussion today, as usual! Nice job, Ed! Indeed Hatman – thoughts on SBLK??? Hi there! I think the ship group is succumbing to more profit-taking. Good that Ed featured the heavy selling in MATX. Still possible for SBLK, ZIM, DAC and others to form a new base, though; watch for neighbor bases? Great show today; I wrote some nuggets of wisdom and have some stocks to look at tonight. Thank you! Wonderful nice Zen version today hats off to Ed!! Ali all over Q& A…great shiow all! Super! Perfect timing for DR to be on tomorrow! Could be FT Day. How did he set up the correction while on vacation? Lol Friday will be blessed!
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