IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Good Tuesday morning to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis! Scott, you are first man yet again! Cheers! Good morning. Hi Taher! “Alissa Amazing! From Twitter: Mark Minervini G @markminervin¡ • 16h I Replying to @AlissaCoram and @IBDinvestors Yes… you know how to extract information. Lol! You got more form me than any other host EVER! Nice job Alissa.” We’re glad you enjoyed it Steve! Great show indeed! Will you please discuss how LB will handle LRCX as it’s down on the position and earnings are tomorrow? live answered GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil Thanks for the awesome music selection! Esoteric, and yet, oh-SO popular in certain circles! 😀 Help on the Way! Grateful Dead’s Blues for Allah album. Thanks DrDave! Good morning from Baltimore! Hi Blaine!! Good Morning Dave….Beautiful day today Cheers! Good morning! Loving the riffs! GM Ron! GM everyone!. Thanks for playing such great music! You got it Wayne! love arriving with my morning coffee and to the sound of the Dead on IBDLIVE! Cheers David! GM from Houston! Morning Richard. Enjoy. Guten Morgen . Great show yesterday Thanks! Fantastic to have Mark on the show. Glad you enjoyed it! Help On the Way……Great Dead Music….Mike would be proud ! Indeed Charles! Hope he’s listening! Good morning! NOC daily and weekly. Thoughts? Hi Tom! I like the action lately; the group is strengthening. Nice 2021 eps estimate. Perhaps 352.22 could pose as an entry. Dave You guys going to smoke a joint on the show? LOL! Ah….. nope! Hatman has his golf clubs ready to go! Always! Good Morning Dave and crew! Happy Tuesday Trading GM James! Good Morning everyone! If you were sizing a trade off the 10 week line what would you do if early in the week it has moved 2-3% below the 10 week line? Do you still just wait till Friday or is there a point where you would dump it prior to Friday? Hi Steve! 2, 3% below the 10-week line should not be a real concern. That normally would not trigger a loss-cutting rule. Good morning from Chicago, where it’s snowing! Gosh! Spring in May, Peter? Cheers, Hatman to Dave – thank you! Appreciate hearing that we are first person on the show – it’s a fun thing that we try to do each morning !! Love it Boeing, BA, has dropped to the 50 day moving average on the daily chart. A discussion of how to manage it would be appreciated. My position is down 4.7%. Thank you Answered live ‘@Dave are you still bullish on BA? My plan was to wait for a decisive close below 10WMA, so still holding, but def not fun today Answered live Other steel makers like X and MT aren’t doing so well today, however. Let’s keep watching these, too; MT down 4% for the week but notice how it is leading the 10-week MA higher. X needs to hold the 10-week line now. WOW, FUTU gave back all yesterday’s gains and more… This stock is intense Re Steel, would be great to discuss TX. Good fundamentals but the volatility is very unlike it’s peers… Got to like the tight action lately after nine up weeks in a row. Could you please review POOL GNRC and AAPL? Thanks John B live answered Alissa you were very graceful yesterday appreciate you 🙏 Aw you are too kind! Minervini was awesome Duran Duran rocks Don’t worry we’ll play some! bad action in uber yesterday, is it still on swing trader? Nope. We removed it yesterday. Ed do you ever sleep? Heh. I overslept today! FUTU after-hours announces the commencement of the offering of 9.5M American depositary shares, each representing eight Class A ordinary shares. Just to be aware of Definitely pulling back on that. Really amazing move Monday given the weakness in growth stocks. Would Justin please share how he handled/ is handling his position in SOXL? I got out early yesterday. My intention was to let the handle form and maybe buy it back. Hopefully back to the easy dollar environment today! lol…love the way you used Mark Minervini’s ‘hard penny’ take in one of your headings yesterday Thanks! I really liked his description. GM Team. After 1:08 into yesterday’s program, Mark M introduced the audience to the Kelly Criterion. Can the LB team comment on their sizing philosophy relative to that please?. It seems that a one -half position or higher implies a Profit Factor greater than 10 using the Kelly formula !! Thank You -PaulG Hey Paul, If interested I would explore this topic in a book. I know Ed Thorp talked a lot about it in his book. The issue with the Kelly for stocks is the probability of winning is a guesstimate on your part. Its not like Roulette or blackjack where you can quantify your porbabilities. In the bases on Marketsmith, what does the number in brackets mean? i.e. 2(3) , what’s the 3? thx Sometimes stocks will form bases close enough to prior bases that we don’t count it as a new stage, but we do note. So 2(3) means it’s the third base in the “second-stage base) phase. Market is really tough and continues to be tought – getting hammered. Losing more $ than making 🙁 It’s a tough market. I’ve been scaling back as a result. Good Morning Scott. Great seeing you Thanks, 🙂 Would like to get Scott’s take on TECH. Only Oneil screen strike is RS which dropped to 78. 7 IBD funds in the name. live answered What is the best way to get ahold of SwingTrader tech support? My iphone app won’t make it past the purple splash screen. Our main customer service line at 1-800-831-2525 — but I can also suggest deleting the app and reinstalling it, have you tried that yet? Also rebooting your phone could be another thing to try after that Hi Team – Good morning from Massachusetts. I’m new to IBD Live and appreciate all the knowledge and experience you all offer. Welcome to the IBD Live community, Stuart! Good Morning- with the market at near highs (power trend) and breakouts not working so well what is going on? Strong gains over the last few weeks. A pause/pullback here isn’t abnormal Lrcx live answered Good Morning, everyone!!!! Scott, I enjoyed your Friday session and your special guest was a hit 🙂 Thanks, will try to have him back 🙂 Can we look at RBLX, NVDA, LRCX – leaderboard stocks – getting hit yesterday live answered boeing has crumbled since charles harris was on and is hovering at the 50 day now It seems BA needs more time to consolidate after bottoming out in March last year; Greg, I’d be watching to see how it acts around the 10-week MA. Dave Good morning y’all…. YETI anyone? live answered David, GM. Great news summary! Any way I could purchase an IBD hat like your wearing this morning? DaveO Thank you for that eagleeez! Hmmm, I think I can help you with that… Can we also look at F and GM live answered How do you find ibd stock of day say two days ago How do you like LPX here? obviously a strong price performer but way too extended to consider buying Thank you Allisa. I have tried that. I have restrictions on my phone and have as an allowed site. My other IBD apps work fine, but I wonder if SwingTrader has another URL that is used that I need to add to my allowed site list. Ah OK! Customer service can help you with this — here are other methods of communication in addition to calling: Love Scott’s sense of humor!! Need it to stay sane in the stock market 🙂 NVCR back at pivot That seems to be an area of resistance after that gap up. Morning guys, any thoughts on the new IPO Cricut – CRCT? live answered Hi Dave, Cricut is pronounced like “cricket” Thanks Keith. Will pass along. Scott, always good to own land/LAND. ;-D live answered YETI is starting off strong today live answered Good morning, COIN is working on a 4th inside day. I know it needs to form an IPO base, what would you all look for in terms of an early entry for COIN? Can you talk about this stock? Honestly it’s price action last week (close near lows) makes it a difficult pattern to interpret. Even it moves sideways from here, it could face overhead supply issues as it works its way higher. Morning All – Whats up with PENN and DKNG? I think there’s some setbacks to the NY sports betting push. Also, sports viewership has been rather weak. Don’t know how actual sports betting is doing. Good morning. Could we look at NVDA and comment on the pullback below pivot (twice)? live answered CRSP strong wit some vol Some revised deal with VRTX. Will get some upfront cash. Don’t know what it means for their joint treatment, but I assume it’s positive. I’m done with RBLX, it’ll go up now:) live answered what GOLD & Silver ETFs do you recommend live answered can we get the information of sales quarter per quarter in Not in as much detail as in MarketSmith. Is there news on GM? live answered Isn’t a preponderance of failed breakouts a red flag? Def a concern. BA below the 50 day line. A reopening play. Any observations? live answered Can you guys compare RIO with FCX and give opinion on which stock is strongest right now? Thx! live answered how does one refresh screen in MS? Just click on a different time-based chart? Baillie Gifford were Tesla’s largest shareholder at one point! Still are big holders, I hope! Thanks Thomas Ed – how is MT Arcelor M looking here? I own and am up 8% thx Dave Still on Leaderboard; notice how it’s respecting the 21-day EMA, and nice cushion above the 50-day moving average. STLD vs Leaderboard position MT live answered Hey, would you awesome people please set up personal Twitter accounts (not IBD) so that Just In Case the worst happens with the sale of IBD – we can stay connected. even through your next chapter. Just in case…. Love to you all! ‘@SaitoChung !! Hat Man – what do you think about the chart of F, seems to be testing the 12 level again. Are you doing anything with your position? live answered Fcx live answered PKX? another steel Strong! Uptrend intact. Don’t hesitate to take some profits on the way, though, as well; cyclicals and commodities can correct sharply! to Team – please discuss ADBE (Adobe) when you have a chance. It was included in the article by Matt Galgani yesterday “Adobe Stock Breaks Out After Inking Deal With All 50 States”. Adobe is working to modernize digital experiences for citizens through government entities through Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. live answered Thank you Ed – for interesting and in depth comments showing substantial knowledge Nice! DOCU forming the right side of a cup? Absolutely can you check MT To me, MT looks a lot like TX. A rocky start to the breakout, but then moved up 10%+ from the buy point. Trading in a range past couple of weeks. While it’s early, SQ acting as expected, receiving support just above the $ 250 – $ 252 area. Definitely positive. SE dropping 3.6% very tough market Scott live answered Could we revisit the fertilizer stocks today – MOS ? Looks like MOS is pausing after moving up from the 50-day line. Maybe it’ll form a handle. scco……..analysis please Interesting – SCCO and FCX are down despite copper being up. Thoughts on PINS which is ahowing weakess? I don’t know why PINS is selling off so much in past few days, but sometimes you have to focus on what is happening not why. to Team – Blue Dot this morning – LEE (Lee Enterprises) in group 44 (Media-Newspapers). Interesting industry group; daily cup with handle with buy point of 31.34. Currently trading at 29.75; possible early entry at $30. It’s very thinly traded! Can we look at NVDA back above buy point. Basically it’s consolidating just above/below the buy point over past several days. Not a shock given the run-up from the bottom. Also, with the bad news on ARM deal and general weakness in non-tech titans, NVDA holding up reasonably well. GM Peeps, is there a way to see the the ETF equity holdings using MarketSmith? Hi Carlos, unfortunately no, we do not have the components of ETF’s SE is also pushing into Latin America And Mars hopefully LOL LRCX earnings tomorrow? live answered Please discuss NVCR The fact that it’s holding gains after bullish gap up is positive. On my watch list. I wann point you to SCHN again. Big volume. Is this a breakout? Trying to break out over a trend line now. 44.62 another pivot to watch. ASML is pre-market, LRCX is after market. live answered Can we look at FND Thanks Peter Schumcher Sidestepping a lot of volatile action in growth stocks. Still holding up well. Please include AMAT in the discussion Paring gains after breakout and testing support at 21-day line currently. Not a broken stock by any means. can we look at HONE Great breakout yesterday. Trading reasonable well today. AC has no independent thought – again making reference to others Hi Elaine! We’d love to know what stocks you’re interested in so the team can try to weave them into today’s analysis. RBLX blown right through 8% stop loss and you are still holding 1/4 position LB sold the 1/4 position bought around the official buy point. Still holding the 1/4 position bought near the early entry. But it’s not looking good for that either. Alissa is doing a fantastic job I signed up for IBD live because of the epic daily videos she produces. Keep up the good work! Wow Shane, this is too kind of you to say! QRVO looks like a failed breakout now, doesnt it? Should I sell after buying at the buy pt? I think the real buy point was 185.96 – handle entry. But even if you use the top of the consolidation, it’s down a few pct from that entry and trying to find 21-day line. With the market doing what it does, it would be good to hear from the guru, wizard of hedging Chris G. thank you. He has the day off today, but he’ll be on tomorrow! Did Alyssa take over the program – wasn’t Dave running the show – Alyssa takes over and asks Ed what do you think – where’s Dave I pretty much always lead the daily poll question 🙂 Dave is busy curating the list of stocks for our lightning round 🙂 Thoughts on KSU? It’s in the middle of a takeover. First bid came from Canadian Pacific (CP). New bid today from Canadian National (CNI) Do you think Pinterest is coming back ? Should I hold? Doesn’t look like PINS is coming back. GM is also pulling back HARD today as well with F Not good action. swing trader alerts are not going out!! I’m getting mine on the app. Give a call to Customer Success and they might be able to help you troubleshoot. No alert on Ford was sent I’m seeing it on my phone from 6 minutes ago! APPS: Can anyone explain why Apps was added to IBD Fifty given it’s chart pattern? IBD 50 is a computer-generated list so and pattern recognition isn’t a part of it (pattern recognition came out after that list was created). The IBD Breakout Stocks Index is a more recent index that does include pattern recognition. You can find it at this link: DQ-up again 9%-thoughts? Solar stocks are up today but are beaten down over several weeks. Did we go ever X ? Why is that down when other steel stocks up? Steel stocks are generally down – even STLD has reversed lower. X looks worse in part because it’s struggling below a buy point. open sock ideas for blue dot always shows 317 stocks even thou it says there is only like 6 what do i do to adjust The smaller number is the amount of stocks currently with the blue dot — the full list shows past blue dots (event date is one of the columns in the list panel for that list) IBD teaches to always have a sell plan when you buy a stock. But now I subscribe to LB and I never see a sell plan on the website. WHy is that? The two main sell signals we use are the 7-8% stop loss rule (if not sooner) and a decisive break of the 10-week line. Could you explain why NUE is not a HTF? A high tight flag is seen after a gain of around 100% from a buy point. You can get to the 3 weeks tight directly from the “Open Stock Ideas”, Go the the “Correction” tab and the list is there. That’s right! I forgot. FFTY down over 5% in two days. Are the leaders topping? It’s been a tough couple of days for leading stocks. Does the IBD site have a list of terms used Our FAQ page has a ton! 🙂 CCS buyable at 21-day line? No it’s testing the 21-day line; not clear it’s finding support yet. New to IBD Live, love the content ! Welcome, Glenn! 🙂 Where can we find the Mark Minervini screens shown yesterday? Open stock ideas button -> weekly review -> scroll down to “Trend Template – 5 months” Is there any news on the autos — F and GM both seem to be getting hit with heavy selling today on heavy volume… I didn’t see any news. FCX, should this be cut here with earnings due, or is this a normal pullback ? Pullback may be normal, but who knows how earnings will go? What is your cushion (if any) and what is your conviction in FCX? UCTT?? We discussed it earlier. Not great action for sure. More volatile than a lot of bigger chip gear names. ASML (early) and LRCX (late) report Wed. to Scott S – zzz LOL, well played Scott: I was listening! thanks! I apprecaite it 🙂 Is the RS rating a comparison of the stock to others in its group? No, it’s compared to all other stocks in database. Cricut pronounced “Cricket” thanks John. Scott, is there a screen on MarketSmith to see stocks at their 10week ? “Hi Victor, You can screen for proximity to the 50day moving avg, that would be best option, [email protected] if you want an email link to the webinars on using the screener” thanks, then the RS line references others in the S&P? A stocks RS line compares its price performance to the S&P 500. Wnen it’s sloping upward, it’s outperforming and vice versa. Could F and gM BE going down with tsla Well, Tesla is up today. They don’t seem too correlated. So strange that a chip shortage which means that TSM is selling everything they make – is not lifting TSM stock price! These chips aren’t that expensive. Only so much money from making $1 chips (even if the price is relatively high) vs. making $200 chips, say, for NVDA. should I sell LRCX With little or no profit cushion, it doesn’t make sense holding through earnings. If we had decent profit cushion, it would be an easier hold but that’s not the case. Ali…appreciate your analysis on FB. Aw thanks, Sylvia! Glad it was helpful 🙂 Should I sell CCIV? EV stocks look terrible. Tesla is the only one that I can think of above its 50-day line. TTD? In a downtrend, sandwiched between its 50-day and 200-day. Not looking great. Ed- ZIM is breaking the 21 day Nooooo! Yeah, everything getting hit very hard. I don’t know if ZIM got to the 21-day line but oof big loss. TSLA & ROKU charts look somewhat similar … ARK stocks tend to trade very similar. Good Morning! Please look at FCX. Thank you Answered live Can you look at PENN, entry point? PENN is forming a new base; The drop through the 10-week MA in the week ended 3/26 and wild weekly action in the weeks preceding that sell signal indicated institutions are taking profits. It would be bullis at this point for Penn National to stop its decline near/at the 40-week moving average. hat man how about TSLA Answered live went from steaks to hotdogs on FUTU Boy it can happen fast! Always a good idea to look at a stock in terms of its float vs. shares outstanding. Is there a big gap? If yes, a big run-up really does warrant share offerings by the company — something we individual investors must watch out for. CRCT – my daughter the music teacher has one. She designs “window stickers” on computer for her students to put on lockers then they’re cut on machine. You can see the product at Walmart. Thank you for sharing this! if there is a dip on a strong stock like PINS what do you look for as an entry point ? We’d really like to see the down weeks be less fierce, for the stock to regain its 10-week moving average in accelerating volume, and for the overall action to tighten up; this would hint at stronger demand, less ‘supply,’ and a better prospect of a new breakout. Some comment on AMAT please This pullback is in its 3rd week. AMAT catching its breath. Firm buying support at the 10-week MA would be very constructive. to Ed / Hat Man – does LRCX illustrate taking profits early – at 10% rather than waiting for the normal 20-25%? That’s an interesting point; when you feel the market is choppy, you could certainly tighten your profit and loss targets — say, take gains at 10%-15%, cut losses at 3%-5%. Great Q! Tom Petty’s “Breakdown” for tomorrows song? We shall consider! Thanks for joining Thanks, ya’ll!!! You got it! Thanks so much – love this show We appreciate it!
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