IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, May 11, 2021

vertical violation? We’ll discuss. Good morning, IBD shows that we are in a confirmed uptrend…is that correct? Yes, but that will probably change by the end of the day. Good morning, the words of this song never rang truer. Always thought the lyrics were about a ost [sic] relationship ended. Never thought it could also describe feelings towards the stock market ๐Ÿ˜‰ This song surely elicits emotions, Eric! Good Morning IBD LIVE! Today is another opportunity to grow and learn. Let’s Rock! Every day certainly is, Shane! Cheers! yesterday’s problem seems so far away… LOL. GM! Rare occasion how this song can provide some levity today! Thanks Lynn! GM! Hello! How come you keep market in confirmed uptrend with 5 distribution days on both S&P and Nasdaq, violation of 50 day line by Nasdaq, huge declines in growth stocks and many (economic) threats, including inflation and shares dumps of strong quarterly results? I think investing is about predicting the future with certain probability, not stating facts that have happened already. Why am I saying this – is there anything to follow nowadays? Or everyone has turned market blind now? Rookie investors (like myself) need help. Please! The S&P 500 was just in new highs on Friday and that was the index we were using to go back to uptrend. To be clear, the Nasdaq composite is in a corrective phase. Happy Tuesday Scott. Always good to see you! Good morning James, thanks for having me! the show is a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Regardless of sometimes tuff days in markets Welcome back HatMan from a well deserved break Thanks very much Aziz! Good morning! What do you use as an index hedge? Hey Tammy, check out the Hedging section on the IBD Live FAQ page. There’s some info there about best practices and indexes to use when hedging: David: What do you do with your accounts when you’re on vacation? Hi Holly, thank you for asking. Most of the time, I’d prefer to be heavy in cash during vacation. I do look at the market and my stocks at least once per day. I do set price alerts, both on the upside and downside. I was in Maui, so it was an interesting feeling to see the stock market close at 10am local time! Cheers, Dave Whoever is hosting the show, can you please go to “manage participants” and change my name from “shyh-jier” to “Richard”? Thanks. Unfortunately we have had trouble trying to do that. Have you tried on your own? Good Morning from beautiful Cape Cod. I’m looking at $RBLX Hi Phil; pretty good open for RBLX all things considered! Week 5 of a potential new base. Hi David! Welcome back! Missed ya! Hope you had a great vacay! Hi Shari, thanks very much! Glad to rejoin the Live show team! Can we look at ETF NAIL? It is plunging pre-market live answered Is RVLV a citron research shorting target? live answered Update on CPE? live answered CPE reversed as well. Getting shaken out as I type this Good to cut losses and save capital to invest another day. Good morning Ali and company! Morning, Hat Man 2! Drunkenmiller interview was great on CNBC “Drunkenmiller,” Phil? Was this a Freudian slip? ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously Stanley Druckenmiller is def a giant in the hedge fund world. NYT headline today says “Diet Companies See Gains as Americans Drop Pandemic Pounds.” No pun apparently intended. Is there an ETF for that? LOL. Thanks for sharing, Neil! Have you been watching Medifast? Nice action over the past year, wow. No. 19 in the IBD 50. Extended past a 279.56 cup entry. Cheers, Dave “Good Morning! How is it that market direction changed twice in one week. How far out does market direction from IBD indicator calculated out to? I think that needs to be defined for each kind of investing/trading. With all these platforms that IBD offers, its hard to rely on the market direction arrow to make short term decisions. Please clarify or comment. Thank you” The market direction indicator can change as frequently as market conditions do. Recently, conditions have been changing more frequently. We adjust market outlook based on several criteria. But there’s no knowing when conditions will shift again, waranting another status update. Here’s a link for more info on market timing: Can we look at RVLV’s action yesterday please – it’s a volatile stock with 10%+ weekly moves. Wait till end of week to see how it closes? Would this be considered a value stock? live answered Very Good morning to Y’All but whats up with IBD’s change of market under pressure to uptrend? That was based on the S&P 500 going to new highs. The Nasdaq composite was still in a corrective phase. What are the points (days) of the Regression Channel? April 6, 2020 and Nov. 4, 2020. Explain Vertical Violation. live answered Well spoken Scott. Sort of, LOL thanks So are we calling this a vertical violation now? not yet. Are there any sectors you would invest in? I A weak market usually takes everything down with it. Favoring cash and watching from the sidelines makes the most sense at this point. why is RBLX doing so well today? Brian McC Very nice earnings report. Issue with RBLX chart too. Can you please tell us what is going on? I’d close MS and open again. That just works for me. Why, everyday , is there so much time spent on Revolve? It was something that David Ryan drew our attention too. It was also looking like a good breakout. A lot of interest in it. Please comment on RVLV shorting interest An example of how to handle a position in a stock that plunges right after breaking out to Chris & team – RVLV (Revolve) – we bought on earnings news on Friday . . . and sold when it dropped to our Stop on Monday; no holding & hoping for us on this one !! Great job, Scott! YETI and earnings sell or hold Depends what your profit cushion is. If I were up 5%, I’d probably hold. Below that, probably not. Most stocks seem to be selling the news Steel stocks look relatively good!? STLD, NUE, X. Please comment! live answered Scott – “Buy Straw Hats in the Winter, because summer will surely come.” – Bernard Baruch I knew I was close, ๐Ÿ™‚ Scott- you’re a natural coach – so helpful – your hard earned experience translates – the art part of investing and mastery of teaching – thanks for your passion Thanks Tina, appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚ to the Team – ASO (Academy Sports) has bounced off the 10 day line and is moving higher for the day live answered ASO is doing a nice job of resisting the downdraft today… live answered Buying above trend lines going up, not down! lol Keep it simple! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Scott- the ducks are quacking for me on these steel stocks. Holding onto a mental health amount. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate you guys and all your advice. I’ve been hit pretty hard but listening to you all brings some solace in how to handle everything and exercise caution. I have been tempted to keep my head in the sand and ignore everything but I’ve decided to stay involved and try to learn from you all and it is so helpful despite some real hits. Very nice comment. Thank you! RBLX is up 9% now live answered What are you focusing on Ali? I don’t recall hearing about stocks you’re invested in for awhile. I’ve been in the “half dirty dozen” groups โ€” steel, miners, oil & gas, chemicals, retail, construction (and some that haven’t worked too like RVLV and a few chips) CROX: have a 1/3 pos – ugly shoes, but pretty stock today! Hi Blaine, Hatman here. On the plane back from Maui yesterday, I sat next to a family in which husband/wife wore sky blue and aquamarine-colored Crocs. They looked very comfortable! I wonder if they have also been buying CROX shares. . . The YETI seems to still be prowling above it’s 21 day! Holding up well, I agree. Can we look at HZO? live answered TSLA perfect example of not selling at the open and now can sell a portion into strength if one still has a comfortable cushion I agree w/ that Hat Man II STLD, NUE – If you draw a trend line they are, without offense to Pribeen (spelling?) , zooming above it. That’s in line with what Prabin was showing. When thye start zooming above an uptrend line (getting unusually strong) that’s often a topping signal. RVLV was acting Good Friday but looks at yesterday action! Hi Kam. Right now, I think the shakeout in RVLV is quite constructive. Watch how it finishes around the 50-day MA for the week. Hatman Scott – need to get excited about that marine segment! “I love big boats and I cannot lie!” Sorry, couldn’t help it… LOL, I need a second acct where I buy thew stocks I dont think can go up a lot. The ytend to go up a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi, I have been hit pretty hard recently and my portfolio is down 20%. What would you do when down like this. I keep missing the rotations. Hi Joseph โ€” would recommend reading about our strategies at about entering into positions at proper areas using chart patterns and pullbacks, cutting losses before they get too big, etc. Selling is never easy, but when you’re buying at the right spots, it makes selling at the right time easier! yeah Typo Dave, I hope you played golf last week Thanks Phil. Didn’t play golf, but thought about it. Decided it was better to snorkel w/ sea turtles (a first for Hatman!) and see more of the mountainous area of Maui this time around… Any thoughts on YETI. It has earnings on Thursday. It appears to be holding the 85 / 86 price level. Anyone’s guess how the stock will respond to earnings. But the stock is acting well, isn’t it. We added it to Leaderboard on April 12. Not much of a profit cushion at this point. Scott – Mornin’! – A quote about luxury goods: Well said, I’ve missed some good stocks in my career cuz I couldn’t understand the business well enough When you say “Watchlist”, Chris, are you talking about the IBD Live Universe? I think he is, Shane Thanks for the ABNB article, I got out before all the pain. Was it this one, Phil? It’s time that we update this story… Avid looks like a stand alone in tech. It’s an anomaly, for sure, because it’s still holding above a buy point. Powerful breakout and good follow through last week. no trust big tech anymore. Technical damage in large-cap tech will take some time to repair Chris, what do you think of the action in VALE? Been an easy one to hold, even after Monday’s downside reversal. Is there any video on shorting on IBD? We have some articles linked on the FAQ page at and we also have a paid online course on shorting as well. Check out our “store” section of our site for that Any comment on CCJ action today? Encouraging don’t you think? Nice rally off lows. I own it. CCS down big on heavy volume, can you review please? live answered Is it better to buy off the 10 day MA or the 21 EMA? What market conditions favor one vs the other? We use the 50-day/10-week or the 21-day. We don’t use the 10-day Ken. whats your take on TREX? Problem I see is that Q1 sales growth decelerated pretty sharply from Q4. Would be good to see rally off lows but not holding my breath. No volume when the stock initially broke out. Nail is getting hammered live answered Mahalo, DSC! Back at ya, Mahalo Shane! It’s a pun…Nail is getting hammered I laughed! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please comment on banks, prices should go up in the inflationary environment, thanks. Good Q, Nikolaj; we should actually see the banks keep rising over time as the Treasury bond yield curve steepen. More profits will come for the lenders as they keep borrowing low from the Fed and charge higher interest rates on home/auto/home equity loans. But, my guess would be that banks are returning as a leading indicator within the market. That is, if these stocks crash, it’s flashing a red flag on the stock market. Hatman Dave You Quack me up, Scott! Good one Dave, why are commodities (Copper, oil,, aluminum, lumber, up but mining & oils, metals down? Hi Eric, great Q; my initial thought is that the small drop in WTI crude, now down just 0.3% to $64.73/brl, has very little to do w/ the pullback in oil and gas stocks as they may have, in the very short term, gotten overbought. And when oil stocks break out to 52-week and all-time highs, I’ve come to always expect reversals and shakeouts near pivot points. Copper has been amazing, I see it down 0.7% to $4.71 a pound but maybe related stocks will maintain their uptrends amid strong underlying demand for the metal — just like lumber — amid a vibrant automotive and construction industry. I wonder how much of Cu demand is connected w/ the wiring/rewiring activity going on in residential construction? Cheers, Hatman Could shortage of available labor be affecting construction industry? Probably. And it takes a while to train folks. Scott, at what levels do you take profits? 20% is my target, sometimes I take sooner but I like to scale out cuz I am not going to get it perfect so I might take off 25% of a postion over 4 trades for ex “TIXT: Please comment opn the CAN SLIM Fundamentals, and the almost textbook way it is resisting the NASDAQ AND ~ Cloud weakness . What would you be looking for besides a breakout , and would you buy a breakout on a Follow Through on the S&P, or NYSE (not NASDAQ) Thanks” live answered Is there a training video on post analysis? Here’s a webinar from Justin and Ed about this! It’s a bit old but still has evergreen lessons in it ๐Ÿ™‚ Great advice Scott. The high in XYZ stock this year will be on one day, out of say 250 trading days. The chances of selling then.. slim and none for me and slim left town LOL to Scott & Team – SWAV (ShockWave) has dropped to 148 . . . live answered When things are heading south, the first thing I do is follow Irusha’s Rule – look at the weekly chart. This always help me avoid unneeded panic selling. This is how I avoid panicking on the stocks I have the most profit on. Thanks all for sage advice on working thru down drafts in the market! Extremely helpful. Great to hear! I had a couple winners (STLD & CROX) that had risen 20%+ in a week. I was trying to keep the “8 week rule” in mind but noticing the deep bifurcation of this market and how hammered my overall account was getting hit since yesterday late morning, I felt justified in taking all my profits. Do any of you ignore the “8 week rule” in tougher markets? 100% yes. The 8-week hold rule is much easier to follow after a meaningful pullback for the market and a bona fide follow through day. Stocks breaking out of bases have a better chance of working. Why does DDD have an RS of 91 when it RS line is so low? The stock has more than tripled over the past 12 months. This is why the RS Rating is still high. But the stock has been lagging the S&P 500 since February which is why RS line is sloping downward. YETI also selling off and earnings this week – any thoughts? Gonna be a tough hold on Leaderboard with a profit cushion of less than 5%. Isn’t RS rating a measurement against the SP 500? A stock’s relative strength line compares its price performance vs. the S&P 500. The RS Rating compares a stock’s price performance against all other stocks. Ed can you talk about the RS line more. The rating is very confusing. Focus on what you see on the line. Horizontal is even with s and P? RS line sloping upward means the stock is outperforming the S&P 500 and vice versa. My naturopath loves to recommend Medifast health shakes… excellent product (I missed it, but I use it) live answered Is it panicking if you calmly sell everything… ๐Ÿ˜€ As John Wooden would say, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” Could you comment on the interesting chart pattern on NUAN? It’s being acquired by Microsoft. When was SQ dropped from leaderboard 4-May Scott – do you still hold ZIM? live answered Thanks IBD gang for keeping me engaged in the market despite its demise. My natural instinct would keep my head under the covers on days like this…you’re truly therapeutic for my emotional well being. So good to hear this, Sylvia. I think it’s therapeutic for all of us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Scott – DRY (SBLK) and CONTAINER (LIner) Shipping business (ZIM)… Moving at different “cycles” / ship day rates…. Good point, thanks Peter; interesting how ZIM fills a niche within this important industry. ZIM is getting hit harder because it is more of tech company that uses AI in the logistical aspect of the business vs just owning cargo containers. Tech is getting hit = ZIM getting hit (more than peers). Thanks! “Dry (and tanker) shipping business is “tramp” shipping.. Like TAXI cabs.. they will go wherever someone pays them a fare to go.. Liner shipping business is like a BUS service with an established service / route(s). :-)” Good analogy Peter! FTNT – all considering, looks calm. Possible, even if in the radioactive tech set? Amazing how this Long-Term Leader has performed in 2021! to Chris & Team – CARR (Carrier Global) – it has been basing for about 6 months now with current price around $44 – consider taking a bite ?? Holding well, Scott! It may step back into the 5% buy zone after clearing a 42.04 standard cup buy point. Dave, did you trim TSLA or do you ride the drop Hi Phil, I’ve been holding all of my shares. The covered call options I sold have also fallen, which provides some portfolio cushion for the day. 600 looks like support An important level for TSLA surely Why does Crowdstrike get more press than FireEye (FEYE) yet whenver there is a major hack, FEYE (and its subsidiary Mandiant) is the first one called in to fix things? Yet FEYE is just meandering as a stock. wish I knew, but I have had friends in the field tell me the smae thing, but the stocks and the sponsorship in CRWD is so much better? Great music Any thoughts on BNTX. Downgrade today after quadrupple sales yesterday, and positive comments in earnings call. Impressive how the stock is taking back last week’s losses, despite a wild week that was! Copper stock are recovering, SCCO, FCX, TECK RIO And TECK remains a play on Leaderboard too — Thanks Chris for your analysis on RVLV. I thought it was just me trying to hold because of the support that seemed to be there. I had a large position and took about a 1% loss to my portfolio. Lesson learned. Good feedback! Thanks Buy straw hats in the winter !! Ah ha! The saying is ‘I buy my straw hats in the Fall’ – it’s when the high season has just ended. Makes sense; wonder if Bill O’Neil ever used this expression; reminds me of his anecdote of selling red dresses vs. yellow dresses in his book HTMMIS (How To Make Money in Stocks)! Dave
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