IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021

Question Answer(s) Irusha what % of your portfolio is a full position? Thanks in advance. 20% Oops! I meant Happy Wednesday . . . One day at a time, buddy! Ha ha! Glad you’re with us yaaay 90s alt! I feel heard. 🙂 It’s a good one! 🙂 it always worries me when you guys play this song as the intro Honestly, a bit of a “random” last-minute pick… just a good song! Good morning everyone! GM Tamara! Ticker of the day. NOVA Bubbly ticker Good morning. Hi Taher GM from Cape Cod. played golf yesterday and have some matches set up for Friday and Saturday morning. Good for you, Phil! How’s the swing? Good tempo? And how about that epic playoff on Sunday? Patty Ice! Ali Great picture of your Yorkie on Twitter Thanks, Ed! 🙂 Hey what a great group today!!! Good Morning All! Hey there Shari! Happy Wednesday! Now THIS is a great line-up… very balanced! Ha ha! Good one Good Morning from Dallas!! Hey John! Want to shake em up play Landslide by Stevie Nicks Ha, don’t know that song, Mark, writing it down Ali – stirring the pot, LOL…love you guys We sure are this morning, Aziz!! Cage match !! We’ll be announcing our pay-per-view event at the end of the show. Good Morning IBD Live! Scott and Irusha in the House! Good to see you all, DSC, Ali. Let’s do this! Thanks Shane! What a Wednesday already, eh? 🙂 Scott – twice this week, how did we get this lucky 🙂 Someone called in sick, They would never have me 2X on purpose 🙂 What happened to Irusha’s background computer? 🙂 Maybe the market got tough for him and he had to sell it? Hi Ally, I find the voice/audio breaks up or has gaps in Stock Market today. My internet connection is 80Mb/ps and my computer is very new, I built it last year. Is there a problem on your side? Thank you for reaching out to us about this, Neil — let me pass this along to our tech team so they can investigate! GM! What is going on with that beat up SKLZ, is this a short squeeze? Hi Chris! I think you’re right. Beaten down stock. Short interest is heavy, 4.1 times its 50-day average volume, or roughly 53 mil shares. Nearly 20% of the float! Can we get the panels take on UPST and the action. TY Still feeling strongly bullish about Upstart. The Q2 conference call reminded me about how the company has potentially a long runway of growth not only in personal loans but also the car loan market, which execs say is even bigger. That said,
I’m impressed how this latest breakout is working, but UPST does tend to make sharp corrections. Don’t think that will change much, unless the dollar volume continues to expand in such a way that the price action could generally calm a
little bit in the future. Full Disclosure: I continue to own shares. Scott & Irusha are a funny team Class act for a long time. Good choice on PLTR they are the global leader of Big Data with very stable earnings from most western governments and a huge private sector runway I like your analysis Neil Maybe the ticker of the day should be GUAC Holy mole AVO – best pre mkt open laugh all year live answered “Good morning! Demand for avocados is a game changer! Avocados are high in good fat and fiber! Very important to stay regular! lol” 110% agree Hat Man! thx for laughs! Always good to have a laugh every once in a while! Great that we can talk about serious topics and have fun at the same time 🙂 OK, this show is destined to be among the real classics. What a great start! :-)) Irusha and Scott star power! I like the seasonal pattern information you shared, Dave. That is, you said that growth stocks typically go into September with a lot of momentum. Wondering if you can please share further resources or information regarding seasonal (or monthly)
patterns for different stock types? I remember that someone previously said that summers typically have low volumes and slow movement. Anything else? Hey there, thanks very much. Yes, I did see a note from Louis Navellier, a truly devoted student of the market on how a lot of the move in August came in quiet volume. Well, we both know, that’s usually the case in August, especially when
there’s really no big news. So, personally I still like to focus on the price-volume action of the individual leaders. Plus, price over volume! ON retakes pivot Nice test of that 21-day EMA as well. AAPL BX NHs Strong start for AAPL today, indeed $IDXX hit my stop live answered AAPL – +1.88% Volume: + 550 No wonder the Nasdaq is looking good this morning, eh, Peter? what’s happening with IDXX? falling below 50-d now live answered Good Morning everyone, can you pull up IDXX, poor day yesterday and down pretty big again today. live answered What do you think about AI? Good action today on news with partnering with GOOGLE Hi Don, nice to see AI trying to retake the 50-day moving average. Notice how this line has been still falling, so still needs to prove that 1) it’s bottomed out; and 2) demand is truly beginning to outmatch supply. All in all, a big
bottoming base is likely in the cards. HatMan Dave — LEN staring to move with high volume live answered MELI trying again live answered Hi – I hear you guys talk about the ready list every day……… there an actual list available to subscribers to view? Yes! We have all the details for how to find and what it is at SNAP with decent volume so far I like how SNAP acted in recent days too, Ross. Just fyi, I continue to hold a position in this one. Is Chris in black ops? Would love to hear if he’s going to add to FIGS perhaps 43.80 He’s on vacation! DLO showing a LOT of strength this morning. live answered I the QA down ? Short-handed today TGT has dropped below it’s 10 week and has been showing weakness — would you begin paring a profitable position at this level? Wayne, it seems like it will correct more. If your profit cushion is very large, you may have to weigh whether a normal correction is worth holding through. TGT is now trading more than 3% below its 10-week MA. Is anyone locking in some profits on VEEV into earnings today? Great Q, Walt, really hard to know what it’s going to do. Not much progress from the cup breakout. I’m wondering why analysts have cut their FY 2022, 2023 eps estimates. Scott, Mark M calls it Sit-out power, exactly, its so important AAPL is breaking out would you buy AAPL or TQQQ? AAPL seems a little more actionable but I would have preferred a purchase on Monday (we added to the position on Leaderboard that day). TQQQ is starting to get extended. I have a position in both from earlier. could review the chart on ENPH? Possibly a Minervini cheat ? Hi Charles, not sure about that, maybe David Ryan could address it next week. But a nice rebound back above the 50-day MA as the base keeps building, for sure. IDXX: Is having three bad days in a row. Your comments since you talked and wrote a lot about it recently One extra note, Robert, for the Long-Term Leaders if we see pronounced weakness in its RS line on a monthly basis, ideally over two months, and the RS Rating weakens sharply, and it’s breaking through key technical levels, then Idexx would
be up for discussion of possible removal. LEN seeing HUGE volume here, looks like it wants breakout attempt today Looking promising – just below the official 110.24 entry. I suppose you could buy it now for a slightly lower price and slightly higher risk. Whats up with BBIG Wow. Need to check out. In the toys group. Is Snap snapping out of it ?? Maybe. Adding slightly to yesterday’s solid gain above trend line. Any insight on NUE? I don’t have any insight. NUE falling below 21-day line. STLD already did Tue. Both are still in mini-consolidations above/next to prior bases. Don’t look *that* bad but it’s a question of how much you bought, how much of a pullback you’re
willing to sit through – with risks that pullback could wipe out all the gains. $NUE?? live answered I’m about to get shaken out of NUE….hold a little longer or pull the plug? Really depends on where you bought it. It does look like it will need a little bit of time. Len breaking out pivot Trying…came right back as it approached. Is DLO actionable? On the move today live answered What was that comment from Ed about the Netherlands payment system? Was not clear… adyey (Adyen) is what’s replacing PYPL for eBay’s preferred payments provider. NUE — Today it has broken through its 21-day – let’s see if it finds suspect at the 21-day during the next couple of days. live answered Scott – any interest in Uranium names or ETFs again… URA or CCJ? live answered Does it look like opportunity in Chinese stocks? PDD made a nice move above 50 day volume looks good. JD looking good. My preference is to be buying a break of a downtrend in a stock in an overall uptrend. PDD and JD and a lot of them are still below their 200-day lines and in downtrends. Improving, yes, but just not my style. Scott, do you have a % or time frame that you use for a second buy in a stock? no, all price gains, the sooner the better really Which video did Irusha recommend on Palantir? I think he was talking about the conference call by the company We have free water in Texas! You can have all you can ship back to CA from our well. Hahaha, we need it When purchasing avocados is it best to buy on the dip? Well played 🙂 scott what do you think about MRVI action live answered NTLA breaking it’s trendline. any thoughts? thanks! live answered Can you talk about ROKU? live answered Please do not forget SHOP if you have time live answered Scott do you have any book recommendations that helped you develop as more of a shorter term trader? send email to [email protected], I’ll send you a list of my fave trading books SHOP? live answered David R. still in RVLV? Yes but small. Good move today. PDD pleazze!!!! While the fact that its getting above 50-day is nice, it’s still well below 200-day and China is still scaring me a bit. PDD PDD, China stocks rebounding off lows. But regulatory risk is very, very high. Definitely a high risk, high reward situation. Did you see NET Nice move! To the Hatman.. How do you justify a Stage 9 for $SHOP While it didn’t undercut the low of the previous base, we are considering the coronavirus crash as a reset of the base count. DEN is up while crude is down, strength! live answered DOCU with earnings soon ? Depends on your cushion – if you bought it near highs you’re probably flat/slightly down. We generally suggest having at least 5% cushion, maybe 10%. But everybody’s risk tolerance is different. I just bought $NTLA with a 5% stop. Thanks Scott cross our fingers 🙂 NTLA is into therapies using CRISPR…very interesting indeed! live answered NTLA vs. CCJ live answered NTLA is in a great space… Nice For people who are comfortable w slower movers, REGN is a high conviction stock for me and it has partnered w NTLA Improving for sure! Thanks Linda! Bought $DLO today beast stock 🙂 Payment for order flow hit some brokers on regulation tightening in regards to the practice. Yes, good point Scott- thnx for throwing the SE name in April ’20, its been a great run. WOW it has, wish I had my original position LOL, I could retire 🙂 Excellent closing summary. Most valuable part of the call. Ali is awesome. Very cool! I missed part of the call NFLX? Maybe a second-half rally in the works, Brian! is my question being overlooked, ESI is below 50 DMA, is this a sell signal? Looks like it’s still basing, Robert. Let’s keep an eye on it. Thanks! NTLA had a major success with gene editing back when the price jumped Indeed, thanks William. thank you for sHOP live answered scott is going to eat at his favourite rest 🙂 thanks Scott Thanks everyone! Had great time Dave Ryan – you’re great! So funny! $BGFV 🙂 PI Ryan! SBLK – thoughts please – maybe starting a handle Magnum PI, I think a lot of people have no clue what that show is about – shows our age 🙂 David, would you agree? LOL Anecdotal I know, but my 30 year-old daughter-in-law is a nurse in New York City, and she says Figs is super popular among her colleagues and agrees that it is the Lululemon of scrubs!!! Nice anecdote! My doctor really loves FIGS as they are stylish and offer a trim fit. Good to know
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