Report: Artificial intelligence: The future of FS content management

When thinking of the myriad challenges banks face in their day-to-day operation, few might pinpoint the management, collation, and analysis of content as a major struggle. Yet dealing with it has been an onerous task for financial institutions for decades.

The repository for the millions of documents banks deal with has changed from a dusty records room in the basement of a skyscraper to a humming datacentre (most likely still in the basement).

Digital transformation as a holistic approach to business has remained at the top of the list of every CEO’s wish list and the numbers speak for themselves.

Yet C-level executives seeking to digitise their bank from top to bottom are at risk of missing the consequences of a gung-ho approach to transformation: the management of a cascade of new digital content, which risks banks becoming bogged down in a sea of unstructured data.

AI financial services reportFinancial institutions must now seek ways to better streamline the way they process incoming data, and how existing content processes can be improved, ready for the adoption of deeper analytical technology.

An organisation can lay the groundwork for real progress through the digital conversion and preparation of its content, retrofitted to interact with technology which is set to change the way the industry operates: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

In this deep dive industry report, produced in collaboration with Nuxeo, FinTech Futures explores how AI and ML can revolutionise the way banks deal with content.

From analysis to automation and insight, we investigate:
  • Why the data deluge is only going to grow for banks
  • How to optimise existing siloes ready for AI integration
  • AI’s impact on customer retention, satisfaction, and banks’ future innovation
Featuring expert insight from:
  • Haseeb Qureshi, COO, Conister Bank
  • Cristina Lázaro, Head of Business Intelligence, CaixaBank
  • Chirag Shah, CEO, Nucleus Commercial Finance

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