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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: The 21st Century Greatest Innovations

Innovation has always been part of man; this is due to the unsearchable nature of man. Since a man’s needs remain unsolved, he will always be on the journey to self-fulfilment; hence, he continues to innovate. A typical example of a human’s ability to innovate dates back to the stone age: a time when they still crack fires out of a stone. Fast forward thousands of years later, they are developing apps, smartphones, and AI robots. Technology through humans’ urge to augment has grossly transformed human’s ability to innovate.

It would be unfair if we’d mention all the many achievements of technology because one can hardly say all of them – it cuts across every sector. One of the many of them is the blockchain, which later became the major proponent of cryptocurrency. Before then were the AIs, Visual Reality (VR), and robot hearts, but blockchain always supersedes no matter how we try to place the relevance of these technological innovations. We believe we all know what the blockchain is and what it represents, but it will only be fair for the benefit of the doubt if we touch it.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: The 21st Century Greatest Innovations
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: The 21st Century Greatest Innovations

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger distributed among participating parties and stores records of digital assets. The blockchain is designed to make it impossible for the data to be modified. This is what makes it the best security tool for the healthcare, banking, and cybersecurity industries. Below, we will be sitting some of the features of blockchain that make it one of the best human innovations in the 21st century. And later in this article, we will be saying  how to find lost bitcoins if you become a victim.

5 Unique Facts About the Blockchain Technology

1.    Widely Acceptable

Even with the complexity of the blockchain technology, 0.5% of the over 77 billion internet users (representing 18,850,000 users) are not fully integrated into the new technology. This may seem like a very small number, but with the recent innovation going on in that niche, it will be less complicated to use, and the number of users is expected to grow by at least 30% in the next half a decade.

2.    It can Be Private or Public

Not too many people know this, but blockchain technology can be used publicly. A true example is a cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, etc. One of the major characteristics of a public blockchain is its open network. On the other hand, a private blockchain consists of a restricted network feature. This is unlike the open network feature that anyone can access and download from anywhere. Private blockchains are more secure and faster than the public blockchain. For those who wish to know how to find lost bitcoins, the public blockchain system is used.

3.    The Global Blockchain Market is Booming

The global blockchain market is currently established at $3.67 billion, and industry professionals have predicted it will increase by $20 billion by 2024. It has also been said to dominate the financial sector by 60.5% by that time. This also solidifies the fact that many individuals and businesses will dive into the technology by then.

4.    Bitcoin Network is Stronger than 500 Supercomputers Combined Together

Suppose you are still doubting how powerful the Bitcoin network is while running on blockchain technology. In that case, it will be imperative to say that while a single supercomputer can process 200 million calculations in just a second, the Bitcoin network can perform the same amount of calculation 500 times overusing the same speed.

5.    The Blockchain Evolution is already Happening

Companies are starting to adopt the use of blockchain solutions, exploring new ways to leverage this tool. Currently, 90% of A-list European  and American banks are looking to adopt this latest innovation.

Cryptocurrency Wallet and Wallet Recovery Services

The question “how to find lost bitcoins” persists among cryptocurrency users today. With innovation comes a whole new problem. As good as storing your cryptocurrency in a cold wallet is, there are risks. A loss of a cryptocurrency wallet can mean losing the money forever. Not just in a situation of loss, damage, hardware failure, wallet corruption, or deletion (for those who use hot wallets), your crypto assets will be lost as well.

This is the way any blockchain user, be it a cryptocurrency trader, or investor must know about the wallet recovery services and companies that are into such. How to find lost bitcoins wallets: companies out there whose job is to help victims of wallet loss recover their assets by using some carefully mapped out processes and deploying some software applications.


You may be cautious to know how to find lost bitcoins on your own, but the process is complicated and requires the services of an expert. There have also been severe issues about the efficacy of blockchain technology and other databases out there. It is believed that both Ethereum and bitcoin are power-hungry, and without mining, can be slower than centralized systems. But to solve this problem, there should be a working use case.

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