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How can I see the on-chain evidence of a lighting channel?

I am learning about lighting now and I’m trying to check my understanding on-chain w/ a block explorer. I have opened several channels already and closed some also.

I would like to confirm my understanding of the script logic (e.g. the 2-of-2 multisig, the HTLCs, and the conditional refunds) as described in the lightning white paper and other sources.

Unfortunately the block explorers I have tried only show “OP_0 ” under the Pkscript fields for these transactions, for example.

Is there any on-chain evidence of a lighting channel (before or after channel closure) or is that something that is discarded before settling on-chain?

Thanks in advance

Update: I found the 2-of-2 multisig tag on the input of a commitment transaction but there is no similar tag on the funding transaction (the one that creates the multi-sig output).
The commitment transaction (the one that spends the mult-sig output) shows the following (op_code inputs omitted)


There is also an nSequence=0xffffffff and a prev output script of


But I don’t see things mentioned in the whitepaper like:

again i am just learning and I only want to know where the interesting bits are as I continue reading.

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