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How to accept Bitcoin payments using Bitpay and Electrum for a business

Bitpay is easy to use but certainly has many limitations at least on the merchant side.
In my country it has even suspended the bitcoin settlement service altogether.

If your company is interested in investing a bit on the cryptopayment side, maybe can be a more wise approach building your own infrastructure, maintaining a BTCPay server and a Bitcoin full node.

This is the BTCPay description you find on bitcoin wiki:

BTCPay Server is an open source payment processor. It enables online
merchants to accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

The invoice API conforms to that of the centralized payment processor
BitPay. This allows easy migration of a merchant’s code base to their
own self-hosted payment processor. This enables all the benefits of
using a full node wallet; such as censorship-resistance, control over
your own funds, trustless validation, uptime and privacy.

BTCPay is used both by small and large companies, it is widely supported by the Bitcoin community, supports lightning network which enables micropayments and seems a perfect fit for your needs.

This is the homepage:

and here there is a live demo:

If you don’t want run your own BTCpay server, you find here some merchants that sell the service:

(although i suggest you reading this first)

If you want to explore other service beyond BTCpay i found this “curated list of awesome Bitcoin payment processors enabling merchants, businesses and nonprofits to accept Bitcoin payments”:

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