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The example signature in BIP143 doesn’t validate?

In BIP143 the first example
has a witness signature and it doesn’t appear to validate/be correct?! I wrote a super simple python program to demonstrate

import ecdsa
import asn1

#Importing the 3 pieces of data from the example to byte arrays
pub = bytearray.fromhex("025476c2e83188368da1ff3e292e7acafcdb3566bb0ad253f62fc70f07aeee6357")
sighash = bytearray.fromhex("c37af31116d1b27caf68aae9e3ac82f1477929014d5b917657d0eb49478cb670")
dersigscript = bytearray.fromhex("304402203609e17b84f6a7d30c80bfa610b5b4542f32a8a0d5447a12fb1366d7f01cc44a0220573a954c4518331561406f90300e8f3358f51928d43c212a8caed02de67eebee")

#deocding the DEC encoding
decoder = asn1.Decoder()
tag, sigscript =

#stripping off the script  potion so we just have a signature
sig = bytearray(sigscript)[2:66]

vk = ecdsa.VerifyingKey.from_string(pub,  curve=ecdsa.SECP256k1)
vk.verify(sig, sighash)

If anyone can shed some light on what stupid thing I am doing, or an example reference that breaks it down, so it works, that would be really helpful. I have also tried reversing byte order on all 8 combinations of the 3 inputs. That being said I have used the private and public key posted to do my own signatures/validation, so I am fairly confident they are in correct order, just less sure about the sig.

Thank you!!

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