68 Celebrities With Famous Parents You Totally Forgot About

There’s a moment in almost every adult’s life when you realize your parents are just people—they have lives, thoughts, and dreams that, shock, have nothing to do with us. It can feel like an earth-shattering revelation—or maybe not—but it must be especially strange for celebrities with famous parents.

Imagine looking at your mom on a magazine cover, or driving past your dad on a billboard. What would you do if you grew up watching people asking your parents for an autograph every time your family went out to dinner? What do kids with celebrity parents realize first: that mom or dad is famous or that most people’s are not famous? Hilary Duff described this phenomenon when she spoke about raising her son, Luca, on Good Morning America. “He’s seen me on the cover of a magazine before in the grocery store,” she said. “But I think he thinks that the next day it’s the next mommy’s turn to be on it.” 

Celebrities with famous parents grow up with a lot of perks and privilege, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without some complications. Paparazzi documenting your every move since you were born, friends who’re more interested in your parents than you, and of course, the weight of expectations. It can’t be easy, though we have to imagine hitting up movie premieres and going backstage at concerts, among other lifestyle benefits, do a lot to make it worthwhile.

Regardless, many of these offspring have used their inherited fame to launch their own careers in Hollywood. Some trade on their famous last names, while others play the “went on my own path” game, and some are third or even fourth-generation A-list. They give a whole new meaning to that phrase, “It’s who you know.” You’ll find just a few examples of these celebrities with famous parents, below. 

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