Attention Everyone Wondering If Jessenia and Chris Are Still Dating Post-Paradise

Jessenia Cruz has officially moved on from Ivan Hall and is currently coupled up with Chris Conran on Bachelor in Paradise. But…did they go the distance? Thanks to Reality Steve we know exactly what happened in their relationship, so on that note…SPOILERS! ARE! AHEAD!

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Kay, so according to Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoiler dump, Chris and Jessenia’s relationship is pretty short lived thanks to the arrival of Alana Milne. Per Steve, “Alana Milne was involved with Chris Conran (Clare/Tayshia’s season) once she arrived, but people thought they were scheming because they hung out pre-show, and both eventually ended up leaving the same episode separately.”

Drama over Alana and Chris knowing each other seems a little weird considering Jessenia and Chris were also (platonically!) hanging out before Paradise. In fact, Jessenia posted a polaroid photo of herself and Chris from a San Diego group hang in May with a bunch of other Bachelor Nation stars including Katie Thurston.


Fans went ahead and speculated that Chris and Jessenia had a connection before coming into the show because of this, and Katie shut everyone down in response to a follower who wrote “I guess Ivan never actually stood a chance. Why did no one mention this on the beach the way they blew up Brendan and Pieper?”

Katie’s answer? “because we were all JUST FRIENDS hanging out.”

katie thurston's instagram


Anyway, sounds like there’s a lot of drama coming at us, but yeah…Jessenia and Chris aren’t dating and as far as we know they permanently split in Paradise!

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