#BlackInk Exclusive: Walt Explaining To His Wife He’s Accused Of Pilfering Shop Money Gets Heated — “WHY Would You Do That?!”


It looks like things are going to get seriously heated in Walt Miller’s REAL life after he has to explain what’s going on in his work life to his wife, Jessica.

Previously we told you on #BlackInkCrew that Walt, a longtime employee of the shop and friend to Black Ink boss Ceaser Emanual was accused of breaking into the shop after hours and stealing $5,000 from the register. Walt did admit to taking some money while on duty but never fessed up to sneaking into the store after hours and taking cash from the daily earnings. The part-time comedian claims he’s only guilty of “borrowing” cash by pinching money from a client’s tattoo. Apparently, he used the money to pay up some overdue child support and planned to replace it.

Fast forward to this EXCLUSIVE clip from the upcoming episode of Black Ink: New York, Walt’s wife Jessicas hears about what Walt is accused of for the first time. Jessica and Walt are just a year into their marriage and have been dealing with a loss of cash because of the ongoing pandemic and she’s pretty upset when she hears the news that Walt has been basically out of a job over the situation.

Hit play to see the exclusive Black Ink: New York clip.


Welp! How do you think you would take this news if Walt was YOUR husband?

Black Ink Crew New York returns to TV tonight at 8 PM on VH1.


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