#BossipSounds: Monaleo’s New Single “Beating Down Yo Block” Is The Take-No-S#!t Anthem We Deserve Right Now [Video]

She is HARD!

Hear ye, hear ye. Gather ’round. If you’re like we were a few minutes ago then you might not have ever heard of a rapper from Houston, Texas named Monaleo. Also, if you’re like us, once you listen to her new single “Beating Down Yo Block” you will never ever forget the rapper from Houston, Texas named Monaleo. The charmingly aggressive MC is nothing to play with and “BDYB” is the proof. Thanks to the picture-droppin’ production of Merion Krazy, the pretty-a$$, brown-skinned, baddie takes complete control over the track and damn near chokes the life out of it with her absolutely unrelenting flow. What the slim-framed spitter lacks in physical presence she more than makes up for in muscular vocal delivery. How the hell is someone so endearing and so terrifying at the same damn time?!

We don’t have a whole lot of background info on Monaleo but she has our undivided attention after hearing this record and watching the DangFilms-directed music video that brings it to life. If for some reason you read our praise and adulation and say to yourself, “this cap-a$$ review…” A) you’re a hater and B) you’re gonna look really stupid after you press play on the clip below.

One thing we did take note of upon doing a little research is that Monaleo is an advocate for suicide awareness after surviving an attempt on her own life not too long ago.

Jay-Z once said, “If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack” and we can’t think of a better way to describe Monaleo’s openness and honesty about her struggles with mental health. An amazing artist AND a champion of wellness? Our Stanning is loading.

After COVID-19 stole the summer of 2020 from us, we deserve a banger like this to usher in our return to the clubs, brunches, day parties, and other such soirées in the spring/summer of 2021. You can follow Monaleo on Twitter and Instagram @TheMonaleo.

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