Exclusive VH1 Sneak Peek: Monica Hosted ‘Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly’ Explores The Murder Of Georgia Activist Shawntray Grant

A new episode of VH1’s “Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly” hosted by Monica premieres Monday, July 12, and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look.

Source: VH1 / Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly

As previously reported the eight-episode series explores celebrity cases where notoriety and fame turn fatal. Each exciting episode unravels the mystery and the motives behind the crimes; revealing a dark side to being in the public eye when betrayal, jealousy, and greed lead to tragedy.

Tonight viewers will follow the story of outspoken Shawntray “Puff” Grant, Savannah, Georgia’s most famous civil rights activist, who was killed and permanently silenced.

Infamy When Fame Turns Deadly

Source: VH1 / Infamy When Fame Turns Deadly

Many wondered if some had been angered by Shawntray’s calls for justice and decided to retaliate. Moreover, just two weeks prior to Shawntray’s death, he posted a cryptic social media message about the possibility of him passing away.

“For the record! When I pass just give me a regular funeral!” begins the post. “But that repast better have a DJ, decorator, bartender, caterer, and a cake. I want you’ll turnt! Because you can believe where I’m at I’m going to be lit.”

Coincidence or something more sinister?

In this episode, you’ll see the Savannah community rally to find answers. Was it revenge? An angry ex-girlfriend? Or was it simply a robbery gone wrong?


Watch an exclusive preview below.

“Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly: “Who Silenced Shawntray Grant” premieres Monday, 7/12 at 10 p.m.

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