Floyd Mayweather Shrugs Off Abuse & Illiteracy Claims, Says His Successful Career Proves He Has Enough Smarts [Video]

Floyd Mayweather dismisses claims of being abusive and not knowing how to properly read by claiming his success must mean he has some smarts and common sense.

Floyd Mayweather is gearing up to step in the ring for another 9 figure payday as he faces Logan Paul in an exhibition match later this summer. This just adds to the cushion between Floyd and every other prizefighter in the universe.

Floyd already has an amazing, untouchable record of 50-0 and his last sanctioned match was against MMA trash talker Conor McGregor, who touched Floyd more than most opponents, but he still faced the same outcome as the other 49 that came before him. While Floyd has had a career that will forever be mentioned anytime boxing is brought up, he has faced adversity outside the ring.

In 2011, Mayweather did a bid in jail after pleading guilty to domestic violence involving the mother of his children, Josie Harris. Business Insider ran a story that detailed Floyd’s abusive behavior, claiming he plead guilty in another domestic violence case and then has one more where he was convicted, but the charges were later dropped. Another rumor that follows him stems from his beef with 50 Cent, who claims Floyd is illiterate and doesn’t know how to read. This rumor could have gone away, but once The Breakfast Club released audio of Floyd struggling to read radio drops, it was cemented in most people’s minds that he couldn’t read. Recently, Floyd joined Wallo and Gillie on their Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, where he addressed his out-the-ring drama.

“I feel like, the way I wanna live my life, I live my life the way I wanna live it and no matter what, you can’t please everybody because—it’s so crazy,” Floyd said before changing his thoughts. “In the beginning, I feel like people was rootin’ for me. Wanted the best for me. And the more and more, as I accomplished more and kept accomplishing things, then you start seeing different things.”

“You start seeing, ‘Oh, he’s a wife-beater’ or ‘He’s not that smart,’” Mayweather continued. “You hear so many different things and I just felt like, okay, you’re entitled to believe whatever you wanna believe. But I had to have some type of common sense, some type of smarts, some type of intelligence, to be where I’m at.”

Perhaps just saying your career proves the slander is false isn’t the best road to take when it comes to domestic violence claims. Luckily, Floyd hasn’t had any recent legal issues and has been spending his time being a new granddad and enjoying retirement outside of his exhibitions.

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